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Sarah Tate Crowe



Sarah is a visual artist who works mainly in 16mm film and digital & analogue print using a structural materialist approach.

Being a trained pianist, she is interested in cymatics, and the way sound can be translated into a visual image, to develop beautiful patterns from music notes that each have their own assigned colour.

During her degree, (UCA, Kent), Sarah developed a love of structural materialist film through the filmmaker and lecturer, Nicky Hamlyn.  She completed projects using a bolex camera and the film itself, by painting on it.  This has developed into her latest work, using the same structured way of working, instead of having an emotional response to sounds and music.

Since completing her Master's degree, Sarah worked in film & television and fashion.  After being disillusioned with these two creative industries, she travelled for a few months around Australia and Bali.

Returning to London, Sarah revisited her old work with renewed interest and has developed this into the Sound Art experiments, which she has continued to be fascinated by.

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