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Saranjit Birdi


Saranjit works with a variety of art forms and media ranging from public sculpture and painting through to digital image, film, poetry, performance and dance. His work is inspired by Music, Architecture and Dance. In 1984 he qualified as an Architect from Bristol University and worked full-time until 1995 whilst performing in bands and on stage as jazz percussionist and dancer.

In 1997 he focused direction as an artist and completed an MA in Interior Design MA study (1998) ‘Synthesis as a Basis of Design', which investigated dynamic connections between Architecture, Dance and Music using digital media tools (video and computer animation).

He formally set his Public Arts practice in 2000 after completing a Public Arts qualification and receiving his first commission, a sculpture trail for Highley in Shropshire. He has made made a slow and deliberate journey through the arts leading to a recent (2009) MA Fine Art study 'Can you dance a painting?'.

Saranjit is currently interested in mark-making by dynamic movement, as in dance and drawing, using mobility of the whole body. His performance work also explores 'limitation' and 'motivation' as they manifest in physical, spiritual and social dimensions such as disability, territory, freedom and stereotype.

Since 2000 he has had an expanding portfolio of public sculpture commissions and visual artworks in private collections. His collaborations with other artists have included gallery installations, light and buildings, stage design and dance on film. In public art and sculpture commissions his aims are to create site-specific pieces revealing local narratives and exploring universal philosophies.


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