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Selma Feriani



Selma Feriani Gallery was established in 2009 in London, United Kingdom and exclusively represents 11 artists from different regions of the world. We have exhibited 18 shows over the past 3 years, installed public interventions and participated at several international art fairs. Selma Feriani Gallery aims to discover exceptional young artists and support their career development over the long term run. We see our gallery as a space where artists and their body of work can be discovered, investigated, nurtured and then placed. The body of artist’s works represented are predominantly concept-based aiming towards expressive or descriptive content. These young artists represent not only an attitude, but an ethos concerning art’s role in a wider intellectual, cultural, social and political context. Having lived or currently living in cities such as Beirut, Jerusalem, Lima or Mexico City, the impact of the socio-political conditions are very much present in the artist’s practice. The guiding principles in selecting an artist have been an instinctive conviction about the importance or potential of their work and a perception that within their chosen field of endeavor they are leaders. Thus there is no stylistic or generational thread running through the program but strong elements of aesthetic and intellectual stimulation. Our goal is alsoworking closely with museums and non-commercial institutions in developing long-term critical appreciation of our artists’ body of work. Selma Feriani Gallery started participating at international art fairs since 2009 such as Art Dubai in Dubai, Pinta in London and Artissima in Torino. We would love to continue participating at prestigious contemporary art fairs with groundbreaking on-site projects in order to achieve maximum exposure for our portfolio of artists.

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