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Sergey Pchelintsev



My interests in artistic painting: 1.  Associative nature of my art. Constructing visual guides that give completely defined directions creating a certain moods or revealing the ideas or intentions of my works. 2.  Contemplative and narrative attitude to simple objects, such as water, rain, grass, stones, various natural textures on surfaces of various objects in my works. 3.  The presence of cultural and literary reminiscences that point to various times and peoples (totems) and allow to correlate the past with the present through different artistic styles. Interest in formal constructions typical of those styles and the influence of archaic symbols (e.g., an angel) on the emergence of new artworks. 4.  Combining different scales of images incompatible with reality, which leads to certain paradoxicality in my works. 5.  Interest for romanticism and lyricism in my works. 6.  Interest for music, including music terms (counterpoint) as structural and forming elements of the system that has construction principles common with painting. 7.  The use of myths and metaphors in my works.

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