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sevim unal



Sevim Ünal (Sewe) 
The actrist moved to Antwerpen, Belgium after graduating from  Art Academy in Turkey in 1992. She enrolled to the LBC language school for english and flamish courses in the same year. In addition, she attended to the charcoal drawing workshop at Berchem Art School Academy.
In 1999, she founded the first Turkish Theatre called ‘Sesimiz Tiyatrosu’ in Belgium. The actrist not only wrote most of the theatre plays, but also directed them. She worked with some of the Belgium’s and Holland’s famous artists. By this way, the actrist became the voice of  the Turkish people in Belgium apart from her artistic works.
In 2002, the actrist studied at UFSIA, Antwerpen University. She worked in several companies, hovewer, the actrist started back to the art as it is her passion. 
In 2006, the actrist participated in the sculpture workshops in OBELIX Art Gallery. Her works were found to be very successful by her instractors and the actrist was directed to the Fine Arts Academy.  
In 2007, the actrist enrolled to the painting and sculpture  at Antwerpen Fine Arts Academy. She took part in many exhibition projects that the academy carried out. Moreover, she organised many withstanding international exhibitions together with European artists.
In 2009, the actrist was invited as ‘Turkish Artist’ to several international exhibitions by various art galleries. In the same year, she was in the anthology called ‘Our Successful Women’ in Belgium.
In the year between 2009 and 2010, She was the only Turkish artist in the Artists Catalog of Holland. 
In 2010, the actrist founded the ArtWorld Art Association and she carried out several international exhibitions via the association. In 2011, she founded the ArtWorld Art Association Gallery. Several exhibitions were conducted at the gallery together with Wilrijk Municipality. 
Sewe’s works are mainly figurative. Most of them are single figures,she paints as theme  espacially women,derwish and emigration.  In her works, body never symbolizes a sexual object. This decorative visualization is only to attract the observer and to save him from the daily anxieties and to make him focus on the ‘woman problem’.  

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