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Sinisa Saratlic



'" Beauty lies within us all, the passion is what we must seek "


As time disappears, I tray to stop everything what is an expression of beauty, emotion, or simply an interesting moment or a magic image of our life. So, I'm placing those elements into windows of feelings, to depict women beauty or charm of the nature.

Seeing things through a window gives us sense of discovering something new, dreaming, waiting or remembering something that we used to have.

Sinisa was born on 1954 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated from the University of Sarajevo, Department of Architectural studies, with a B.S. in Architecture.

He has exhibited his paintings, graphics and drawings at numerous exhibits throughout Ex-Yugoslavia and USA. His paintings are represented in galleries in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Korcula, among others. Many of his artworks are included in private collections in Europe and USA.



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