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Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson



Soforbis is the name used for the collective creative output of Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson. She is a British sculptor currently living and working in Barcelona after having relocated from the UK in 2005. The work she creates is sculpture in the purest sense, with each piece hand-made and unique. The medium used currently in the works is clay and plaster which enable the production of fluid, abstract structural forms through its inherent malleability and flexibility. Once fired, the clay can also attain the texture and finish of stone, giving it strength, weight and tension moving far beyond the expected qualities of conventional ceramics. The pieces are abstract with inspiration found in both natural and man-made forms. Despite their obvious solidity, these pieces achieve a freshness of mark with balance and tension to create exciting and visually appealing sculpture. What fascinates her is the underlying skeletal structure of natural found objects such as bones, plants, seeds and pebbles. The work is also a response to archeological artefacts and discarded industrial fragments that show the effects of wear and erosion. For many years these ideas have been explored through drawing, photography, and collecting. The work featured here is the product of that growing exploration. Work can be bought directly from Soforbis and shipment can be arranged worldwide. To commission a piece or for information about the work including pricing, please contact Soforbis through the website www.soforbis.com The work can also be seen at the Associació d’Arts Plàstiques La Nave, Barcelona studio gallery by appointment.

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