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Sophie Schubakoff


Cosmopolitan Artist

I am a Master in Fine Arts and I have also done an exchange program to London SLADE during this period of time.  I have a life long love for painting and my theme WATER seems to be my ultimate study and search for truth.  I use water as a looking glass to reveal the truth of my vision.  Unlike a traditional portrait I like to play with illusions and distortion.  I have painted my subjects with my signature style of painting that I have been developing for more than 10 years.  As you can see I do not only do anonymous individuals but also paint fashion icons to give the traditional paint a burst of pop culture.  I use Marilyn Monroe who is such a great model as my Muse all the way to Daniel Craig the well know James Bond of our time.  I have also started to make portraits on commission where the client wants to be viewed through my eyes and in theory my Artistic Style.  I love what I do and believe that water is the future, the future to a clearer vision of my artistic integrity. 

I come from an artistic genetic background and believe that art in one way or another inbedded in my blood and soul.  I have got creation bubbling from my finger tips and am egar to bring it forward to be viewed as a new form of seeing

Sophie Schubakoff


+358 (0) 415458595


Facebook: Schubakoff ART


2009-2011                     Kuvataideakatemia Master´s Degree in Fine Arts (MFA)

01.01-01.04.2007            ERASMUS University College of London SLADE

2005 – 2009                  Kuvataideakatemia Bachelors Degree

2003                            International Baccalaureate (IB)


2016                             Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – N2N Gallery

2014                             London, UK – Juxtaposed Gallery

2013                             Finland, Helsinki – Pop-Up Gallery Gyyli

2012                             Finland, Espoo - Espoo Artist of the Month

2011                             Finland, Helsinki - Part with Beauty Näyttely

2010                             Finland, Turku - Galleria Berner ”Army of Me”

2009                             Finland, Sipoo - Galleria Neptunus ”Pinnalla”

2008                             Finland, Helsinki - Bar 9 ”Exhibition Naked”

2008                             Finland, Helsinki - S-Galleria ”Pinnalla”

2007                             Finland, Espoo - Läkkitorin Hammaslääkäriasema ”Use your.."

2006                            Finland, Helsinki - Hotel Torni, Ateljee Bar ”Keijukaiset”


2015                             Finland, Helsinki – Taidemaalariliitto Teosvälitys

2014                             Finland, Helsinki – Art Week Helsinki, Kaapelitehdas

2014                             Finland, Espoo – Galleria Aarni “Uusi Kesä”

2014                             Finland, Helsinki – Taidemaalariliito Teosvälitys

2013                             UK, London – Parallax Art Fair

2013                             Finland, Helsinki – POP UP Exhibition Galleria ARTIKA

2013                             Finland, Helsinki – ”Jossakin...”

2013                             UK, London – Juxtapose[d] Gallery

2013                             Finland, Joutsa –Pohjoinen Rakkaus

2013                             Finland, Pyhäniemi – Pyhäniemi 2013

2013                             Finland, Espoo – Galleria Aarni “Kronos-Kairos” Exhibition

2013                             Finland, Helsinki – Uudet Maan Kuvat Exhibition – Kaapelitehdas

2013                             Finland, Helsinki – Art of Basware Young Artist Competition

2013                             UK, London - Gagliardi Gallery Exhibition

2013                            Finland, Helsinki - Taidemaalariliito Teosvälitys

2013                            Finland, Sipoo - Gumbostrand konst & Form Auction Exhibition

2012                             Finland, Sipoo - Gumbostrand Konst & Form

2012                            Finland, Helsinki  - ARTFORUM –Messukeskus

2012                            France, Paris - Carrousel du Louvre

2012                            Finland, Helsinki - "C'est la vie" Sanomatalo Mediatori

2012                            Italy, Ferrara Chianciano Internation Art Award Exhibition

2012                             France, Nice - Galleria Monteoliveto “Marilyn Monroe Exhibition”

2012                             Spain, Barcelona - Barcelona Showcase

2012                             Belgium, Brussels - Bloom! Hotel “On The Cover Edition”

2012                             Finland, Espoo - Galleria Aarni "Vielä Mitä"

2012                             Italy, Ferrara - Vivid Arts Network New York

2012                             Monaco, Monte-Carlo - ART MONACO- The Grimaldi Forum  

2012                             Finland, Helsinki - Taidemaalariliiton Teosvälitys

2012                            Italy, Florence - ARTOUR-O FLORENCE Genova Shanghai Rome 

2011                            Italy, Florence - International Biennale of Contemporary Art

2011                             USA, New York - The Broadway Gallery NYC

(NYARTS MAGAZINE featuring Sophie Schubakoff Jan 2012 edition)

2011                             Finland, Helsinki - ARTFORUM - Messukeskus

2011                             Finland, Helsinki - No Limits - Sanomatalo Mediatori

2011                             Finland, Helsinki - Taidemaalariliitton Teosvälitys

2010                            Finland, Helsinki - Naisten Joulumessut (C30)

2010                             Finland, Helsinki - Espoo Art ry Vuosinäyttely - Sanomatalo, 

2010                             Finland, Helsinki - Kaiku Galleria Maisteri Kevätnäyttely

2010                             Finland, Helsinki - Taidemaalariliitton Teosvälitys

2010                             Finland, Helsinki - Cable Fair Art & Design

2009                             Finland, Helsinki - Naisten Joulumessut (F75)

2009                             Finland,Mäntyharju - Exhibition in Taidekeskus Salmela

2009                             Finland,Mäntyharju - Mäntyharju Open House

2009                             Belgium, Brussels - Bloom! project

2008                             Finland, Helsinki Helsingin Taidehalli Kunsthalle ”Piirustusluokka,  

2008                             Finland, Helsinki - Galleria Myymälä ”Summer Exhibit”

2007                             Finland, Helsinki - Galleria Välivuosi ”Home Drawings”

2007                             Finland, Helsinki - Kuvataideakatemia ”New Concepts”


2013   Art of Basware Audience Favorite Award

2013     Gagliardi Gallery Award London exhibition

2012     Chianciano International Artist Honorable Mention Award


  • Anita Snellman Foundation, 2010
  • Kuvataideakatemia Grant, 2009
  • Salmela Artist Grant, 01.01.-03.30.2009
  • Kuvataideakatemia Fine Arts University, Grant, 2007


  • Finnish Painters Society Full Member
  • Espoon Artists ry
  • Espoo Art ry
  • Copyright Kuvasto ry




Sophie Schubakoff

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