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Stanislav Geissler



  • Short biography including education and achievements


Art in my life, since I remember I was always creative mostly as a model maker and plasticine builder also as I was enjoying mosaics making, painting and drawing, I did attend after school Art classes. In the age of 14, my mum decides I am going to be a panel beater so I did. Since the age of 28 I start study metaphysics, mainly the subject of the law of attraction. And here I am I spent almost 10 years to study and observing my life and life’s of others, the process and mechanisms of the nature and I come to one conclusion, and that what is my art about.

  • Describe your practice and process

Non visual art is Gratitude, Appreciation, Sending positive energy, visual art than combine the materials I am using to put together the images which appears to me in the meditation. I studied ceramics in an intense course and I started follow the influence of the material. Then I star follow the influence of the images from the appearances, which combine more materials, to achieve a quality final product I am study each material to understand its ability. I am self-taught in stained glass and in this moment I am study plaster and porcelain slip casting.

  1. Expression of interest


  • What is your area of research and focus?


Metaphysics subject to the law of attraction the effect of positive or negative thoughts in to our future. With more than 10 years of observing life, since the first time I realise that there is something what influencing our future, and as a result and understanding black or white magic, I chose to follow the path of the white magic. To achieve what I want to achieve is to know what I want to do. To be happy in what I do is to realise the purpose of life. It took me 14 years since I become a panel beater; I took the ownership and follow my talent in to art.

  • How would you engage a professional arts audience and the general public with your work?

I am not the first who study Metaphysics and the subject Law of attraction, the project I am working on is about our future and consider every person in the universe, gratitude is a big part of our being, learning and education, inspiration and respect to the basic law of the nature. Its took me 10 years to be confidant and certain that the law of attraction working, what you give a way you will receive back, what you wish for, will come to your way soon or late.

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