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Stefano Beccari




I'm Stefano Beccari, an Italian-Swedish sculptor and printmaker based in Stockholm, Sweden, but working around the year in many countries.

I've been a full-time artist for 45 years. Visit my homepage >www.stefanobeccari.com<.

Twenty years ago I founded Global Stone Workshop® a small NGO based in Sweden and registered in India, which organises sculpture stages in European and Asian locations. 

Our ambition is to NARROW THE GAP BETWEEN ARTISTS AND CRAFTSMEN by enhancing opportunities for artists to sculpt in stone and cast in bronze. All Global Stone Workshop® local partners are commercial stone yards with their own craftsmen.

Currently, the Global Stone Workshop® operates in Tamil Nadu, India, at Mahabalipuram (grey-black soft granites and marbles); in Sweden, in the province of Bohuslän (colored granites), on the island of Gotland (limestone with imbedded fossils) and in Uppsala, carving courses (marbles); in Italy, at Marina di Carrara (marble); in Portugal, at Pero Pinheiro (colored marbles and limestone); in Spain at Cañada de Benatanduz and at Quinto de Ebro (alabaster); in Vietnam at Da Nang (granites and marbles).

Global Stone Workshop® is open to sculptors, artists, photographers, ADs', designers, art teachers, architects... to all those who are professionally involved with images.

For more info and for the 2015-2016 workshops programme, please visit our homepage  >www.globalstoneworkshop.com< or write to me... >stefanobeccari.sculptor@gmail.com<.

Our pages on FaceBook are: Stefano Beccari/ Global Stone Workshop/ Global Stone Workshop Courses/ Global Stone Uppsala.

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