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Susie Olczak


My work and research is influenced by minimalism, geometry, light, balance and architecture. It explores how the viewer experiences space, form and light. My installation work alters, highlights or creates space for the viewer to interact with. Inspired by the materials I use to make my sculptures and installations, I produce abstract photographs. Which become optical illusions or make space ambiguous and encourage the viewer to rethink the way they perceive. I use scale that is recognisable to the viewer, evoking architecture but to a smaller scale, so the space becomes more intimate. Material processes are important in my work. I believe that technical skill and quality is important alongside concept in a body of work. I explore materials such as perspex, steel, concrete and stone and combine them to change their perceived properties. My work has been shown around the Uk, in Japan and Finland in galleries and the public realm. I have shown at the BBC in Scotland, Cambridge Institute of Astronomy and for Charles Saatchi at the Big Chill Festival.


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