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Suzi Morris



Fine Artist and Art Director for Film


My principal concerns are an engagement with the concept of ‘air’ and ‘space’ in creating oil paintings that represent infinity. Considering moments of atmospheric phenomena both internal and external, I define spatial planes through ‘punctuations’ of parallel lines - a key aspect operating throughout my series ‘Fumarole’. These lines function in both defining and challenging the space and our perception of it, in an attempt to create a tension between beauty and anxiety.

Referencing the Kantian notion of the ‘Sublime’ and distancing myself from the inevitable Romantic inheritance, I am exploring an ongoing fascination with the materiality of oil paint and the ways in which it can be directed on canvas to become ‘an event’ in itself.  Yve Lomax 'A Twittering Noise' in Sounding the Event is clearly an inspiration as is the work of Werner Herzog in his documentary film made in the natural environment 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams'. Allowing for natural occurrences or ‘events’ inherent in oil paint on the surface enables a performance or ‘phenomena’ in paint.

Investigating Gerhard Richter generates a fascination with the blur, and making things ‘unseen’ or lost in digitization. Philosophies behind James Turrell and Mark Francis stimulate my constructions of colour juxtaposed against sharp controlled line, creating the illusion of depth of field. This, an attempt to underwrite the authenticity of my experiences that slip beyond conventional understanding, making visible a reality that we can neither see nor describe but whose existence I can share and investigate.

I draw upon aspects from the language of filmmaking, dealing with the lenticular and ways of seeing via the mechanical. My previous experience working in art direction for film has informed the development of the strategies I employ. Considering the camera and digital media is integral to my investigations of painting processes and surface facture.

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