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Talci Walci



London-based contemporary artist  www.talciwalci.yolasite.com

Talci Walci’s latest series of pictures demonstrate a unique graphic abstract style, embellished with fragmented linear imagery, resulting in expressive, distinctive works that project mysterious and unfamiliar overtones.

His paintings are effectively the realization of highly controlled designs, yet were conceived and initially drawn with an invented technique mixed with intuitive energy, whereas his wall-mounted installations exhibit a more geometrical and minimalist approach to his inherent style of subjective communication.

The new Ab Frag abstract style of artist Talci Walci. Ab-Frag (abbr. Abstract Fragmentationism) is an art-movement term used to describe a style akin to abstract expressionism, but with graphic or ‘hard-edge’ portrayal of fragmented appearance.

Initiated in 2013 by British artist Talci Walci, the style originates from a semi-automatic drawing method combined with an application process using translucent acrylic paint.

Whilst invented as a painting technique characterized by the absence of gestural brushstrokes, the style is transferable across alternative media.

Initially projected at the Ways & Means Exhibition, 16 June - 21 June 2014, Art Galleries Europe, 18 Maddox Street,, London W1S 1PL
020 7993 2721

Photostream Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/120359004@N07/

Talci Walci is a British artist who lives and works in London, UK

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