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Tanya Martin



I am mainly an artist expressionist This is what comes most naturally to me as an artist. I paint assorted subject's, Inspired mostly by life, . I paint feeling's of love, sadness, hope, and anger. I paint about my concerns and thoughts of the world and the effects that can have on us. I have to express these feeling's. I am a free thinker. The way I work, I finger paint because i love the feel of the paint and the textures. I use the oil's neat and add no chemical's what so ever to my paint or materials. In my earlier days when i began with a brush i often never had the money to replace or buy the one's i would have liked to, or would have needed to use. So i went forth with out them. I like the challenge of finger painting . I like to have a connection with my work. It is to me dedication to the canvas, in the production of the work, and for the importance of the Art work itself. Painting in oils straight from the tube. I just prepare my studio canvas ready, if i haven't made the canvases myself, I just peal of the plastic and carry on. I choose colour freely, unconsciously, showing what ever mood i might be in, on occasions when i don't have all the colours i would like at the time. I would just go forth and work with what i have. My back ground colours for my works are Literally my paint palette I play on it until something comes to me and i work with what ever that might be. I don't hold back. Some artist friends might say i am very brave. As some of my earlier work's like the series Art with a dark edge. unnerves many onlooker's. This wasn't my intention to do this during the creation. But if your curious about these powerful expression's please don't hesitate i will send you the photo's through email. I paint my abstract work with credit cards and pizza cutters, This is why i have chosen the pizza cutter for my favicon and put it in the design for my add to cart button,'s. I paint fine art mostly with finger's, in order to achieve the finer look and detail i need to use the larger canvas, I can use a paint brush and on occasions when i only have the smaller canvas to work with. I do paint sensuality and some work you might say a little more than sensual, But without it where would we be, or even who would be. I paint inspirational work as we are all inspired throughout our lives. we are all teachers and we are all students.

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