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Terence Woodgate


Terence Woodgate Biography - ArtLyst

Terence Woodgate was born in London in 1953. Initially he trained as a design engineer. However, fascination with purer forms of design led to a decision in the mid 1980’s to retrain as a furniture designer at the London Guildhall University.

Woodgate established his first design studio in London in 1988. Working from his London base, Woodgate began to build his reputation as a thoughtful designer of both style and practical innovation. Work over this period included various lighting designs for Concord Lighting and "River", his collection of modular cabinets developed for Punt Mobles.

This was also the period when Woodgate first began to work with SCP, developing the acclaimed Public Seating System, which was launched in 1992, and has since become the standard specification for many design-led building projects. This successful collaboration has led to many other designs for the SCP furniture collection including the popular Woodgate modular sofa system, the REM bed and the Sax range of upholstery and coffee tables.

His most recent designs for SCP are the Disc cabinet and the Lansdowne sofa system. In his work for SCP, Woodgate has proved to be a versatile and innovative designer. He has a studied and patient approach to design and the work he produces is always marked by its attention to detail.

Terence Woodgate

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