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Teresa Wicksteed



"In all Teresa`s work, there is a sense of vibrancy, of spirit, of energy - and of life." (Alex Wade, Arts Editor, 2013)

The conceptual root of my work is a “Near-death Experience” I experienced during complications at the birth of my first child. The altered state of epiphanic light I felt has remained with me and continues to inform my art-work. I re-connect with that state through daily meditation practice, which suggests forms and colours to begin the work.

 I express the energetic flow of unseen energies within the rigid structure of process-based work, using layers of translucent oils. Each painting is a palimpsest of the making-experience: from the first mark, the work proceeds guided by its own internal logic; by slow accretion, it embodies the narrative of its own construction. Revelatory glimpses are achieved by concealment. I work in series; I am in a constant dialogue with each painting, and the paintings form in dialogue with each other.

I try to transform the paint into moments “out of time”. I want to make visible the invisible, and the impossibility of this task is why I continue to paint.

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