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The Rupture Series



Launching in July 2011, The Rupture Series will present a series of events and exhibitions exploring the processes by which art may appear to 'rupture the ownership of space'. By presenting the work of a variety of young artists and filmmakers, The Rupture Series aims to realise how contemporary art is used to disturb ideological spaces and the unconscious cultural practices of the individual. Focusing on artists who are already trying to disturb the various ideological systems of our society, The Rupture Series acts as a framework for understanding the mediums by which a viewer's subconscious or cultural beliefs may be revealed to themselves. The opening and the development of this series over the course of 2011 comes as frustration felt amongst many young people about the seemingly insignificant power of the individual reaches boiling point. Responding to a media blitz casting young adults as the 'lost generation', The Rupture Series looks at artists who are trying to engage and disturb the ideological complicities and unconscious practices of the individual. The importance of this is still vital; these disruptions may simply be a rupturing of the 'behind closed doors' discussion or of dinner party etiquette, but such systems of personal belief are inherent to the way the world is governed.

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