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The Whole Cow



The Whole Cow is a scheme that endorses the notion that art is a meaningful way of living, thinking and acting that allows us to actively explore, understand and change ourselves, our society and our cosmos.

The Whole Cow aims to demonstrate art’s capacity to be, in Ivan Illich’s words, ‘convivial’; namely to initiate “autonomous and creative intercourse among persons, and the intercourse of persons with their environment”.

Moreover, sociology is believed to be one of the arts. Pierre Bourdieu has pictured sociology as a martial art, a type of self-defense. Elaborating on that, The Whole Cow contends that the art of sociology does not only ‘tackle’ one’s social world, but can also create and mould it. Like the rest of the arts, it requires skill, transcends the surface of social experience and takes an aesthetic form; in sociology’s case, this form is one’s own life.

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