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Thomas Proszowski



The main idea of my creativity is to introduce my artwork for local and wider community also aim of my art is to address family’s issues to public attention . Therefore I am looking for artists ,lovers of my art, curators and galleries, who would support and participate in my project. The purpose of the exhibition with my artwork apart from general service ,is to convince local community to moral values of the family and encourage viewer to have a dipper look to its issues and plant seed of real and serious concern about the way main family’s problems has been solved. I planned to organize the exhibition because I was inspired by multicultural image of the local community. In my opinion my idea is new and can be discern within Fine art contexts of my creativity and my personal point of view on multicultural family’s matters, which is unique as it belongs to the cultural minority, any way it will shed a new and different light on mentioned issues and will provide fresh attitude and behaviour within the local community. My idea is also innovative as it contains interpretation of the mentioned concept from my native experience of the thought against understanding and interpretation of local community issues. My concept can also be recognize by a new traces of fresh glimpse of the very nature within subject in relation to multicultural perception of the individual. Mentioned suggestions have a new shape of understanding and feeling of my art as it is backed by my personal experience in a new environment collected throughout couple of years of observation and direct contact with community. Those values allowed me to obtain the new inspiration to the family subject in the Kingdom and pressed me to look on the issue from perspective of an artist and participant ,Mixture of those elements inspired me to create new attitude and behaviour painted by the aid of the brush on a surface of a canvas and this visual sign in my opinion should have tremendous impact on local viewer as well as wider audience. Also My aim is to insert a tangible value into my artwork so that viewer can almost touch and feel the context of the artwork as well as material ,reason for that is unique style I developed recently exploring Byzantium Iconic Christian art together with Realistic Oil painting style of Artists like Lucian Freud or Peter Paul Rubens . My technique contains materials used during Byzantium period and those utilized by Freud style too. Any way my new approach to mentioned techniques utilizes variety of brush stokes ,which helps particular art work being created where viewer can discern different shadows , reflections and shapes of the material also glossy materials used in my technique helps viewer to discern his own individual practice with the artwork ,this is possible because materials used in my art contain small particles reflecting light in random directions . Therefore viewer’s eye can just enjoy the journey across the canvas backed with his own esthetical values and this should guarantee correctness within viewer’s moral values. I also view that by utilizing precious material in my innovate technique I can lure viewer’s attention to the esthetical aspect of my art and direct his thought towards specific value of visual sign and rise his awareness to the position of explored shapes colors and canvas and color’s facture .I also would encourage viewer’s attention to make some effort towards exploration of my art from variety of point’s perception . By that I mean viewer’s movement from one point to another in order to experiment nearly magical impact on his perception , viewer will be unconsciously pulled in to the image to experience expression of its layers and facture of the oil material. I would compare the experience to crystal’s reflections, any way within layer’s millimeters distance between particles it may seem impossible to describe my technique in that way it would rather encourage viewer to work within the distance of a fraction of one step to take apart in my work . By this accomplishment of a new style I think I can introduce viewer to the idea of perceiving into artwork in terms of fiscal value and raise awareness towards artistic and craft labour,which participant of this creative journey will finally discover on his /her favor , this experience should plant the seed in viewer’s mind and create attitude of action within its own ideas and values backed by experience gained while looking at the works. My concept is also one of a kind as it has definitely the particles of weight of importance of the wider sense of World’s community ,I think that my art work will foster tremendous significance and moral value of mutual respect of the society to the multiculturalism . Viewer will find himself at the right time, place and with sharp conscious ,while experiencing my art. Therefore I would like strongly encourage viewer to take a part in the concept My concept is also one of a kind as it has definitely elements of weight of importance of the wider sense of World’s community conscientious this component of self being captured in my art guarantees viewers exploration his own hidden pristine behaviour and will create appropriate understanding of the meaning of subject it will also facilitate purification of spectator’s stiffened mechanism of perception his reality and the one which is designed on my canvasses and allows him to approach his process of transfiguration with exact care and enhanced awareness of vague his self being. The aesthetical element of my art would also allow viewer experience interaction between his sense. I think that my art work will foster tremendous implication and aspect of moral value with mutual respect to the society alongside multiculturalism . Any way I think that once viewer will have a chance to direct his eye to the middle of my work, he will experience a gentle feeling of creative impulse ,which will encourage his eyesight to make a move in one of the directions across canvas . This should happen without engaging much of his conscious .At this point I think I would achieve important element in my art the element of viewers experience ,which would touch directly his emotional background . We can find traces of similar achievements in Impressionists art. Edvard Munch in his ‘Scream ‘ was manage to express extreme of his inner worlds in his work, any way this drama had in my view a limitations within Munch’s technique artist put simple colours to express tragedy Munch was in my opinion on a edge of exploration his creativity. Would go further in my rat ,where I literary can use the whole range of material . I also think that the opportunity I have currently explored allowed me t have a look on similar artistic process to Much but with perspective of time . I therefore can express boldness of my accomplishment sin new style and push boundaries of it to really remote point at the same time Viewer will find himself in a comfortable position at the right time, place and with sharp conscious ,while experiencing my art. Therefore I would like strongly encourage viewer to take a part in the concept

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