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Tina Jokitalo



Tina Jokitalo (b. 1972 Finspång, Sweden) lives and work in Finland. She has been working in photography, video and also in theater as a visual designer for several years. In terms of content, Tina pursues to push the boundaries, exploring possibilities in a creative manner by playing with the concept of the theme and the digital photography itself, influenced by the visual language of theater and performance. In her work she continues to personalize the subject, by reviving the physical presence of the photography itself; when staging her work on different materials such as pigment transfer work - marked as a handcrafted statement, she is extending the possibility of unique editions made by the artist herself.

Tina Jokitalo (b. 1972, Sweden)
Lives and works in Tampere, Finland


2014 -       Nordic Art School (NAS, Finland)
1999         MA, degree in lighting design
                Theatre Academy Helsinki, department of lighting and sound design (1993-99)

2011-12    Specialization studies on photography - socially engaged projects
                and international networks, Tampere University of Applied Sciences,
                School of Art and Media  (30 points)
2008 -10   Specialization studies on photography, Tampere University of Applied Sciences,
                School of Art and Media  (60 points)
2009         ART360. An art and co-operative network project for visual artists
                arranged by the art associations in Finland
2007         A new way of approaching space in the theater - project
                IADE - Institute for art, development and education, Art Universities of Finland

Solo Exhibitions
2013        Act of Impression - Runeberg Cottage, Haihara Art Center, Tampere (Finland)
2012        Conundrum - Drifting Sweep - Gallery Kapriisi, Tampere (Finland)
2010        Mitt i Siltä Mellan Väliltä (In Between)- Gallery Ronga, Tampere (Finland)
2009        Exit Construction - Open-Air exhibition in the old library park during the                               International Tampere Theatre Festival, Tampere (Finland)
               TrembleMyHeart - The Taverna of restaurant Knossos, Tampere (Finland)

Juried Exhibitions and Publications

2014       Fashion & Body Presence - Videokanava, Paris (France)
               - curated by Laetitia Bech, selected work: State of Mind (video)

2013        The Story of the Creative - See Me exhibition, New York (USA)
2012        Art Takes Times Square book - 'Fly away little bird’, selected for publication
               - by the Editorial Commite at Artist Wanted /See.Me (USA)
2011        Camera Obscura vol. 4 / Journal of literature and photography
               - finalist of the publication competition - ‘Fly away little bird’ (USA)
2010        Family Affair 2 International ArtvideoKOELN & VideoChannel (Germany)
               - curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, selected work: 'A Matter of Pride’
               The Art of Photography Show - The Lyceum Theatre Gallery in San Diego, (USA)
               - curated by Natasha Egan, selected work: ‘Focus (and aim)’.  
               Illusion 2010 :The most interesting phenomen in finnish scenographic work
               - selected work: visual design for the production ‘Short Cuts’ (Finland)
               MediaPyhät event /Rajatila Association - Gallery Rajatila, Tampere (Finland)
               - selected work: ‘A Matter of Pride’ video.

Group & joint exhibitions
2013        Print Fusion, Gallery TEN, Edinburgh (UK)
               Albumi - Drive In Art Community, Gallery Koppelo, Tampere (Finland)
2012        Improvisaatio, Gallery Koppelo, Tampere (Finland)
               Art Takes Times Square - Artist Wanted bilboard event, New   York (USA)
               Äksyt ämmät ja Sulokkaiden Seireenien Kutsu, Sastamala (Finland)
               Siskot , Cultural Centre Jaatsi, Vammala (Finland)
               HaloGen, Generaattori, Pori (Finland)
2011        Maaemon Huuto, Mediatori in Sanomatalo, Helsinki (Finland)
               Taivaan ja Maan välillä, Gallery Ronga, Tampere (Finland)
               Kynnys, Gallery Ronga, Tampere (Finland)
2010        I love photography , TAMK, Tampere (Finland)
               VALOA, Gallery Ronga, Tampere (Finland)
2009        X2 , Gallery Ronga, Tampere (Finland)
2008        Special Edition, Backlight/TR1, Tampere (Finland)

2013        LICC - short list award: Professional photography, ‘Act of impression’- series
2010        Art of Photography Show: Honorable Mention award - ‘Focus (and aim)’ (USA)

2010        Arts council of Finland
2009        Konstsamfundet

Self - published work
2014        The Female Playground - the enhanced catalogue (enhanced ebook)
               Published with Blurb and available at Blurb and Apple iBook store
2009        TrembleMyHeart by Tina Jokitalo - Published with Blurb

Selected list of visual design - theater productions in Finland
2012  HYPATIA / The national Library of Finland - Set design, costume and video
2007  SHORT CUTS / The local Theater of Tampere - Lighting design, video and set  design
2004  THE STORY OF PENTTI SAARIKOSKI ´S YOUTH / The local city Theater of Helsinki
         - Lighting design, set design and video
2003  SIMPATICO /The local Theater of Tampere - Lighting design, set design and video
2002  LUMEN VALO /Tampere Biennale Music festival - Lighting design, set design and video
2001  STADIN FRIIDU / City Theater of Helsinki - Lighting design, set design and video

2013 -         The Finnish Union of Artist Photographers (candidate member)
2012 -         Founder and contributor of the Drive In Art Community
2010 -         Photographic Centre Nykyaika

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