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Tom Van Herrewege



My work is inspired by the incredible diversity of animals' physical forms. I am interested in man’s and my own individual interpretation of this throughout history and the ways in which the animal kingdom is perceived through different aspects of culture. It is the variety in our perception and logic that is formed from experiencing the animal form and how this is embellished within culture that drives my practice. 

I often re-examine these subjects using the animal as a starting image that can then be transformed into a different physical form and can be placed in a reconsidered locale. These reworked images act quite like my own solutions to the complexity of the specific animals uniquely evolved appearance. 

My research is largely informed by the history of animal representation within art and natural history. I look at the ways animals are presented through the media,their display in collections and the various languages we invent and adopt to understand them. I am drawn to the abstraction of information that occurs through man’s interpretation and presentation of findings from natural history in museums and collections of curiosities. 

Recent projects have taken me to places across the world to understand closer unique perceptions of wild animals within their own environments and from the indigenous people and settlers that share these places.


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