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Tracey Falcon


Tracey Falcon is a visual artist whose work is interpretive with a strong social or environmental foundation.

 Tracey uses a variety of media in her works, including video, projection, text, performance and sound and, for the past few years, she has primarily made work using newspaper, end on, a little like looking at pages in a closed book. This use of newspaper started as an ‘in your face’ reaction to certain political situations. However, over time certain properties of newspaper as a material became more of a focus in the work , cycling back to the stories contained in the work and the stories the works  uncover.  The paper conjures wood, concrete, paper, rock strata, land. It is used under compression and, like land, this forms it’s own rhythm and flow, suggestive of movement although static in its present form. Each work has it's own story. As the roots and the rings on the trees offer information on the land over time, the pages of the newspaper are  steeped in human history. Information, truth, opinion, fact, lies, propoganda; fed through the thin pages for all to contribute to and all to feed on.  Recycling paper, recycling news and opinion. History echoing around the walls. The writing in the wall. Newspaper has everything, the rhythm of life, land and people.  


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