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Tracie Shaylor



Tracie Shaylor’s practice shows an awareness of trajectories within modern art history and an understanding of where the individual’s practice can situate within that, whilst still finding a form of expression that was not imitative. There is a thoughtful engagement with ideas, with a clear rapport and understanding of the concept but not to the point of illustration. Prior practice dealt with issues of ‘feminism and sexuality’, with subject matters such as equality, patriarchal social systems and finally gender role reversal, with “Evolution and Atrophy.”

Shaylor has  diverse interest which are present in her pieces of work denoted at the time. Tracie has won several awards including the "NADFAS" MA burary Northwest and has appreciated and develpoed her skills from each recognition.

Her main aim is to be involved with new and inspringing curation as proved with Synthesis:An exhibition of Art and Science in partnership with the Manchester Science Festival 2014.


Shaylor has a mulitude of capabilities within the area of visual arts, her main medium being large scale installations depicting the proposed title. Her energentic creative mind adopts and versatile to situations and opportunities offered.

After gaining a distinction in MA Fine Arts, Tracie has exhibited in several locations UK, including London and aims to work internationally after several offers of exchange.

A down to earth Northern girl who may not have the tongue of the elite however has an academically gifted visually creative brain

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