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Trevor Guthrie


I start with the lost, displaced "found" image -from old magazines & out of print books, the internet and occasionally my own photography. I will ruminate on the image till it has chosen to be part of my repertoire. This may take months or years.  There is a certain aesthetic  that I am searching for; the oddball that lends to charcoal -usually in high contrast or subject matter with shiny, reflective objects. I will also create digital composites if I have a specific theme going on but I mostly put together one-offs or a very short series of variations.  I attempt to group unrelated single pictures that evoke a subtle thread between the images creating a narrative. I prefer working this way -mostly because I get bored with variation on a theme very quickly.  The technical aspect is the simple part, I do the drawing by hand from a print out of the source material. I usually work on at least three pieces at the same time. At a distance the work may look photographic. Up close however, the viewer can see the imperfect handwork. I refer to my work as  "Symphonies of mistakes"...

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