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Valentina Glez. Wohlers



The concepts behind Val™ furniture are functionality, aesthetics and surprise factor. Valentina’s design fuses conceptual thinking, artistic approach and usability. What is unique about her work, is its originality, boldness, narrative and outstanding quality. 

Valentina offers furniture and accessories created in the line of emotional design: pieces made to last, to grow older with their owners, becoming into much more than just a material possession to them.  The designs are not based in disposable transit trends.  This particular take in furniture and accessories invites the user to interact with it, to play, to question, to surprise, to enjoy.

Not only Val™ offers a fresh new approach to a typical designed product through its knowledge of materials, quality and experimental working methods, but also proposes a new look into the area of conceptual furniture: a combination of great design and contemporary approach without compromising true functionality.

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