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valentina piras



Valentina Piras is a private Researcher and a Fine Artist trained at Middlesex University. A storyteller, inspired deeply by the École des Beaux-Arts and Bauhaus for their exploration of all forms of art. She creates art for her own needs, as an instrument to express her emotions, frustrations, dreams, passions and phobias. She relates to and experiments with every form of art but finds greatest harmony in the making of sculpture, photography, painting, drawing and installations. She believes in creating accessibility to the centrality that art has in her life, inviting the viewer to play a part in her work, to imagine and understand the meaning within and to enjoy the absurdity of everything through surrealist symbolism. Trained in a very traditional Italian Institute of Art where she also learned the techniques of Pottery and Ceramics. She exhibits mainly in UK, and she is a member of the Transition Collective, a rapidly expanding family of experimentation, collaboration and innovation, created in November 2011.
Valentina is interested in European art, Renaissance, Romanticism, in the decadent life of Saints and Martyrs as well as gender and mythology.
She explores the metaphorical possibilities, and the artistic qualities of the Human nature, creating new life forms, mutations and transfigurations of materials and techniques.

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