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Valeria Olguin Guerra



I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in August 1976. I majored in Drawing at Pridiliano Pueyrredon National Fine Arts School (IUNA) while attended to different painters’ atelier in Buenos Aires and Madrid.

The basis of my work is developed through the condensation of the line and the exploration of the human figure. Ambiguity, sexuality and the sublime are frequent topics in it but the interest on the human body as a reflection of our inner human psychological tensions remains in all of them. I like to experiment with different media that allow me to investigate the possibilities of the line.

During the last time I added the digital media to traditional ones. Digital support enable to work on a virtual space and produce unlimited ‘copies’ of the ‘original’ work, questioning the traditional idea that we have of originality.


Some of my work belong to private collections and in 2007 Caja de Avila (Spanish Bank) selects one painting ofr its artistic heritage during the painter Antonio Lopez’s workshop.



2012 December. Festive Frolic at Occupy my Time Gallery. Group show. London, UK.
‘Red’. Kitsch In Sync Cafe. Group show. London, UK.
July ‘Paper Girl London’. Free Space Gallery. Group show. London, UK.
June ‘Azul Y Blanco’. Fundacion Centro. Group show. Rosario, Argentina.
2010 December ‘Art Explosion III’. EM7 Gallery. Group show with the artists
Gonzalo Borondo and Jaime Gallardo.
September Individual exhibition. ‘La Ida’ Bar. Madrid, Spain.
2008 June/July ‘Aroma’ Cafe. Individual exhibition. Madrid, Spain
2007 November Bukowski Club. Punto de Encuentro Cultural. Individual exhibition.
Madrid, Spain.
2006 April/May Art-Restaurant ‘Ficciones’. Individual exhibition. Madrid, Spain.
2005 March Asociacion Estimulo de Bellas Artes. Collective exhibition. Buenos
Aires, Argentina.
2002 March Collective exhibition. Centro Cultural de los Artistas. Buenos Aires,





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