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Vasilisa Forbes



"Vasilisa Forbes is a fashion photographer and video editor/film-maker, who's also the brains behind the #WaxChick project. You might have seen her billboards popping up around London, or caught her speaking at the ICA. Controversial and throught-provoking, her focus on female sexuality in the insiduous world of advertising is eye-opening to say the least."

I'm driven by challenging the status quo and creating art with a sense of activism for social cultural change, in whichever way may be possible or most relevant. 
With #waxchick I was driven to question the presentation of women, the body and sexuality in our modern world, taking issues of concern in the our culture, from my own experiences & the media area and addressing them through constructed, message-heavy visual images which would then be displayed in their source location - the advertising world and public media. 

WAXCHICK became a billboard story across various global cities; NYC, London, Tel Aviv, St Petersburg. She has been a contributing photographer to various magazines like Dazed, I-D, Vice and Super Super and has been exhibited and held/supported by collections like Saatchi, Art Contemporian in Paris, Barbican, Baltic, Art Naked, Thank You Editions. 

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