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Victor Mavedzenge


Victor Mavedzenge is a multi-disciplinary fine artist working in painting,lithographic printing,digital graphics,performance and explorations in 3D artwork.About his work he says

"My practice is divided into two segments. First is the exploration. I enjoy the materiality of paint, the dynamic nature of colour and line and the metamorphic potential that different has material when combined. Paintings are chiefly abstract but not limited to. The sculptural work derives its form from what culminates when materials are combined.

Secondly, I engage in conversation with the history of art. Inspired by ideas or styles of my predecessors. Philosophically my query is about the human condition. Informed by the philosophical thoughts presented in existentialism, I ask myself "Now that we are in this situation (Life: usually the trials and tribulations), what are we going to do about it?” Naturally, my work becomes a comment bout the socio-political status of the world we live in.


Victor graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art in June 2010 and is now practising in the United Kingdom for the next 2 years. Originally from ZImbabwe, Victor intends to create a network between UK and Zimbabwean Artists.


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