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wayne chisnall



I am a London based artist, exhibiting widely in the UK and abroad. Although well known for my sculptural work (much of it involving the reworking of found materials) I'm also a painter, print maker and illustrator.

In 2005 I was awarded a bursary from the Royal British Society of Sculptors and am now an associate member.

As well as my work appearing in galleries, magazines and on TV, my sculptures have appeared in the recent feature film, 'Scratch', directed by Jakob Rørvik.

In 2008 John Malkovich chose my script as the winning entry in the Sony VAIO Scriptwriting competition. This script, written in partnership with Malkovich and two others was then turned into the short animated film, ‘Snow Angel’.

My life-size human model kit sculpture (a self portrait) was featured on UK TV Channel 4's 'Four Rooms' programme in September 2013.

I have also been known to run the occasional school workshop and recently ran a weekly sculpture workshop for the employees (not the big 'fat cat' employees, I might add) of ING Bank.


Much of Chisnall’s work centers on the theme of memory and its fallibility. This is more strongly evident in his pieces that incorporate or recreate childhood artifacts and toys. A prime example of this is ‘And When I’m a Man’, the life size sculpture of himself as a twelve piece, pre-assembly, model kit. An important aspect of the piece is its bright green colour, which was chosen to match the artist’s memory of that of a childhood toy – realizing that the memory would have mutated; exaggerating the luridness of colour.

Another re-occurring theme or motif in his work is that of the wheeled box or tower. These constructions represent his preoccupation with containment, the urge to possess and the restricted mobility that attachment to possessions brings.

The majority of Chisnall’s later sculptural work involves the reworking and assemblage of found objects/materials - materials that he feels have a certain ‘resonance’. The artist’s ‘Nail Box’ sculpture embodies this notion and acknowledges the Nkisi (spiritually charged totems, carved by the people of the Congo – and often covered in nails and other sharp metal implements) as its main influence. The sculpture is a box, constructed from bits of old wood, on wheels and is covered in thousands of rusty nails and screws that the artist collected over a four year period from his travels around London, the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The artist’s intention with this piece is that each nails’ individual history and interactions with their various original environments should produce a magnified collective resonance that permeates the work.

Although not a film maker himself, Chisnall’s work is heavily influenced by his early passion for film and animation. This is evident in his arcane-looking tower sculpture, ‘The City,’ which echoes the same fairy tale or dream-like quality that is characteristic of the short films of animators such as the Brothers Quay and Jan Švankmajer.

Chisnall’s towering wooden piece is made up of tiny display cases and cabinets made from found materials like skulls, insects and fossils, a kind of modern cabinet of curiosities. Or a nightmarish vision inspired by Jorge Luis Borges. He explains that much like the inhabitants of a big city, each compartmentalised environment plays out its own narrative, seemingly oblivious to that of its neighbour”. Julia Kollewe (journalist – The Guardian and The Independent).


Group Exhibitions (* outside London and UK)


'A Twisted Summer Night's Dream', Lounger Lover, Laissez Fare Art.

'We Are Art People'*, Naked Eye Gallery, Hove.

'Two month window installation' (solo show), The Mill, Gt. Marlborough St. 'Alumni Show'*, Northampton University.

'Misuse: Creating Alternatives', The CASS Bank Gallery, Whitechapel.

'Found Memories' (solo show), Nancy Victor Gallery, Fitzrovia.


'It's a Wonderful Life', Nancy Victor Gallery, Fitzrovia.

'FACK#1', Kensington and Chelsea College.

'VAMALGAM 5', Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington.

'Inaugural Art Show', Domus, Clerkenwell.

'21 Steps'*, Up & Coming Arts, Studio 2, Liverpool.


'Domus Launch Show', Domus, Clerkenwell.

'Urban Curations', Triple X Tatoos, Hackney.

'Trove/The Event 2011'*, Curzon Street Station, Birmingham.

Sketchbook Project’*, Art House Co-op, touring USA.

'States of Reverie', Scream, Mayfair.


'Melt Art Fair', Art Pavilion, Mile End Park.

'KETOS 2.1 (Whaleless)'*, The Civic Aquarium, Milan, Italy.

'RCA Secret 2010', Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore.

Found – 18@108’, Royal British Society of Sculptors.

'The Great Exhibition', White Mischief, Scala.


Botanists of the Asphalt’, The Camp, City Road, curated by Stephanie Pochet.

The Grand Plasto-Baader-Books’, Kaleid Editions, Redchurch St.

'Tate The Biscuit', Shoreditch Town Hall.

Park Art Fair International © Geneva 2009’*, Geneva.

'RCA Secret 2009', Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore.

'KETOS 2.0'* Reggio Emilia’s Civic Museum, Italy,

'The Brain Unravelled', Slade Research Centre,

The Big Draw - the Travelling Moleskine’*, mail art project.

'Summer Show' & 'Art Fair', Candid Arts,

'Vamalgam 4', Victoria & Albert Museum,

'Writing On Walls' (Ctrl+Alt+Shift), South Bank Centre.

'Friday Late View (carnival cut-outs)', V&A Museum.

'Crossroads', London Business School.

'Edition/Power in Numbers', Bodhi Art Gallery, Brick Lane.

'Whaless'*, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin.

'Affluenza', St. John St. Clerkenwell.


'Chiaroscuro', Pharos Gallery, Ada Street.

'Vamalgam 3', Victoria & Albert Museum.

'RCA Secret 2008', Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore.

'Whaleless', Strychnin Gallery.

'A Gothic Story', Shoreditch Town Hall.

'Group show', The Jago, Shoreditch.

'In The Absence Of Colour', Strychnin Gallery.

'Battersea Contemporary Art Fair', Battersea Arts Centre.

'Battersea Affordable Art Fair', Battersea Park.


'Xmas Show' - My Life In Art, London Fields.

'Mapping'* - Bury Museum and Art Gallery, Lancs.

'RCA Secret 2007', Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore.

'Mixed Blessings' - F-art, off Brick Lane, Bethnal Green.


'RBS Contemporary Sculpture Show' - Rollo Gallery, Islington.

'Human Technology' (ndn) - The Synergy Centre.


'Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award 2005' - RBS Gallery, South Kensington.

'An Open Book'* - Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham.


'Draw-Drawing-' - The Brazilian Embassy Gallery.

'RCA Secret' - Royal College of Art Gallery.

'E=mc2' - The Institute of Physics.

'Spirituality & Morality in the 21st Century' (ndn) - Rudolf Steiner House, Marylebone.

'Sex, Dolls & Crab Claws' - The Foundry, Shoreditch.

'Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair' - Candid Arts Trust Gallery.


'The Meet' - The Media Centre, Soho.

'Foad Glorious Foad' - Wilson Hall, Camberwell Art College.

'RCA Secret' - Royal College of Art.

'Q2' - Candid Arts Trust Gallery.


'Vamalgam 2' - Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington.

'RCA Secret' - Royal College of Art.

'By Misadventure' (FOAD) - Century Gallery.

'Hang 10' - Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington.


'Network AD' - Candid Art Trust Gallery, Islington.

'Vamalgam' - Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington.


'The Containment of Memory' - Lewisham Library Gallery.

Selected Commissions and Collections

2012, Andrew Dawood, art collector.

2010, Andrew Garfield, Actor.

2010, Adam Stone, art collector.

2008, Eelke Jan Bles, art collector.

1999, commissioned by Sandy Gilks, Learning Development Centre, University of Northampton.

Awards and Honours

First Prize. Sony Online Script Writing Project, judged by John Malkovich, international. The script was turned into a short animated film, 2008.

I am listed as 1 of the 12 ‘VAIO Heroes’ on the Sony website, where all my blog postings are reproduced, 2008 - present. http://club.vaio.sony.co.uk/clubvaio/gb/en/vgeneration/

Shortlisted. ‘Sense and Sensuality’, Blind Art Prize, South Bank, 2006

Bursary. The Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary, London, 2005

2 Prizes. The Birse Construction Printmaking Awards, 1997.

Bibliography (*Reviews)

My 'And When I'm a Man' sculpture featured on UK TV Channel 4's 'Four Rooms' programme – series 3, episode 27 - 8PM Fri 30 August 2013.


Work featured in horror film, Blaize of Gory.

And featured in BBC TV News Sussex item: Crawley schoolgirl's horror tales set for the big screen – 3 September 2013 (Last updated at 16:23 BST)


Work mentioned in The Londonist article, 'Art Review: It’s A Wonderful Life @ Nancy Victor', written by Tabish Kahn,13th December 2012.


Interviewed by Adam Monaghan for the Nokia Connects piece, 'Wayne's World: A Unique Insight into one of Britain's “trashiest” artists' - June 2012.


Work featured in the Nokia Connects article, 'Junk Rock! The 7 Greatest Upcycled Artworks Ever'. Written by Adam Monaghan, June 2012.


Sculpture (And When I'm a Man) used in advertisements for Dr Gregory Kaebnick's talk 'Synthetic Life: A New Industrial Revolution' at Purdue University, Indian USA, 28th March 2012.

Work (The City) featured and mentioned in BBC 2's The Culture Show: 2011-2012: Episode 15: Birmingham's Cultural Highlights. Michael Smith investigates the cultural highlights of Europe's “most boring city” - Birmingham.

Artwork (Nail Box) featured in Dec 2011 issue of Art and Auction Magazine as part of ad campaign for New York-based art company, Crozier Fine Arts.

Interview, 'Wayne Chisnall's artist interview', RCA Secret Blog, 18th October 2011.


Appeared in Coffee on Cake PR's Aug 2011 photo shoot with music journalist Chantelle Fiddy along with bag that we customised as part of Converse's new duffle bag launch. Articles then appeared in FHM magazine, Fused magazine, Cooler etc.




Interview, 'Wayne Chisnall – Illustrator/Sculptor', Creative Spotlights.


Interview, ‘Wayne Chisnall Interview’ by Helen Wilson, Where Art You, Feb 2011.


Mentioned in by Hattie Collins (Editor of RWD magazine, Music Editor for i-D Magazine, freelance contributor for The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Q etc) as favourite artist in her 2010 interview with Arts London News.

Interview, ‘Wayne Chisnall answers FAD’, FAD Website, Dec 2010. www.fadwebsite.com/2010/12/16/wayne-chisnall-answers-fads-questions-2/

Mark Sheerin, “Whitechapel, Vyner Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch? Exploring London's East End Art Scene,” Culture 24 (one of the Guardian’s top 100 websites), 15 January 2010.


Interviewed for, and work is featured in, an on-line video by Lukasz Cholewiak, “Botanists of the Asphalt”, March 2010.


Interview, ‘Connect’, Northampton University Alumni Magazine, 2010.

Work featured and mentioned in “North London Arts Charity Celebrates 20 Years,” Art of England (issue 63), 2009.

*Julia Kollewe, “The City Arts & Music Project makes its debut on the London art scene,” t5m comment, 7 December 2009


Artwork featured on Channel 4 News (to illustrate ‘the Nest’, the award winning project for Northern Ireland) as part of 2012 ‘Artist Take the Lead’, Olympiad Award. November 2009.


Work (showing in KETOS 2.0) featured and mentioned in an Italian magazine, “Salvate le baleen,” November 2008.

Work featured in the ‘Hero’ edition of A5 Magazine (art magazine from Israeli), 2009. www.thea5magazine.com

Work featured in FEFE Magazine (centre spread, pages 68-69 and page 98), editor/art director, Luigi Vernieri, November 2008. www.fefeproject.com

Interviewed by Mark Westal for FAD website, 2007,


Interviewed by art historian, Dr. Emmanuel Minne as part of the ‘Memories’ video interview project, for the Royal British Society of Sculptors archive.

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