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Wendi McGowan-Ellis



Women. Beauty. Fashion… What it means to have feminine allure. My paintings are figurative portraiture capturing the female form and making a statement about the beauty in all women. I draw my inspirations straight from fashion magazines, and in paint, create a new story beyond the fashion campaign that the model I’m painting is supposed to deliver. Since the 1960′s, the Women’s Movement has changed in both messaging and defining the glass ceiling. Ironically, modeling is one of few careers where women out-earn men on a significant level. Yet, few reach the heights of Gisele, Naomi, Kate, or Amber… My desire is to give these “human hangers” their own platform on which the focus is them. Not the fashion house. While I usually focus on depicting the face, and the infinite number of lines and expressions that can be revealed, most of my works tend to have pensive, thoughtful, even somber expressions. However, using acrylic paints and oil pastels, my work and technique is highly gestural, though calculated and planned. I like to balance each step like a choreographer, intensely watching for the next right move on the canvas. My brushstrokes are full of thick juicy paint that is deeply layered to combine color with depth.

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