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Wolf Kahlen



One of Germany's most important videopioneers, Wolf Kahlen, born 1940, residing in Berlin, is presented permanently since 2005 in the WOLF KAHLEN MUSEUM - Intermedia Arts Museum very near to Berlin (only 18 minutes train distance) in Bernau. www.wolf-kahlen.net/museum.

The 600 qm museum shows works of about 50 years of his best media-objects and installations, performances, architecture models, drawings, photo works and sound installations, as well some of the earliest videosculptures in the history of video. All items are on loan by private collectors and are added eventually by recent works out of the artists studio. The museum is so far the best place worlwide to experience his multifacetted approaches and master pieces in an optimum selection. On display are SELBSTVERSUCH II (1971), JUNGER FELSEN (1969), GALAPAGOS HORIZONTE (1980) among many others. A study room holds the complete works of videotapes from the very first one LUFT/RAUM (1969), the many pieces he made from 1985 till 1999 in Tibet, Mongolia and in China and Taiwan in search of a 'Leonardo of Tibet' (he coined a nowadays common title), who's work and life he researched over years and published in Tibetological periodica and presented on International Tibetan Seminars., as well as the most recent videotapes, since the 190 pieces collection is completed permanently.The museum is the only collection holding the Complete VideoTapes 1969-2012, a publication of the same title is available. Wolf Kahlen, who calles himself a MEDIA SCULPTOR is a nomadic artist, who  never liked to show any of his works twice, since they are site specific often, when we consider his installations and performances. He has been teaching as professor in Europe (Germany/Berlin, Poland, Spain), Asia (China 1990), and the US (Iowa, New Jersey, Massachusetts in the 70s) and worked, appointed as Consultant in Art and Architecture, in 1985 for the Kinng of Bhutan. He initiated the first public art video production and collection institution in Europe, called Videoforum Berlin, in 1971, founded the RUINE DER KÜNSTE BERLIN in 1985 among other initiatives.

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