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Yeojoo Park


Lives and works in London

Graduate Slade School of Fine Art_MFA Painting 2010

The main theme of my work is about space and a plane.

In our modern society we often spend most of our time in spaces surrounded by four walls. Under these circumstances, people crave an escape from the suffocating walls that enclose us. In my work the wall could be an obstacle. At the same time, it could be open up a suppositional space. Simultaneously, it is natural to wonder about these walls and to consider them in a new light.

Since ancient times, humans have built up their homes from elements in nature. As time passing, those spaces have been gradually transformed to cubical interior spaces in which we now reside.

Most of my work is associated with certain view point. The view point from in front gives general view of layers receding. By arranging same sized constructions serially, perspective is created consequently. Viewers may see a recapitulated view at the facade of the structure. Nonetheless the constructions are in three dimensions; this certain view is equivalent as two dimensional pictorial spaces. This two dimensional scene with perspective exists before the vanishing point. Viewers standing in front of the construction can contemplate the scene. Although, the two- dimensional like pictorial scene contains spatial extension, time, speed and a phase of the beginning, interim, and ending; as a stand in for a metaphysical world as a suppositional space.

Moreover, they might notice the liminal processes by passively glancing at it or following a given passage through the space in order to experience it.

We are too used to the space that we live in and often neglect to perceive the space itself. What I am dealing with is explaining and visualising the existence of space itself. I want to suggest an ideal view as a way to experience the alternative space.

The Ninth Gate

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