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Zhivko Sedlarski



In his studio among ideas scribbled down in Bulgarian on sketches, among paintings, pastels and models: right there the artist, bothered, follows the sand track leading to the composite structure, of glass and resin; there a fabric slits its soul, stretched by the tacks threatening to tear it self apart.

“I have been watching the course of thing which meet each other. It is just like in the real life. There are elements which flow, spill or overflow. There are some which make use of their elasticity and other which break or tear up to pieces. Those which freeze and those which remain still. One has to watch for a long time. One has to listen. Within. Without. The elements function as the world does, like the relation between a man end a women. There are things said and other that remain a mystery.

I want to know. I look for the meaning of things. Their meaning or their essence

Criste Jhelil Critique d'art contemporain

Rainbow In The Dark

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