16 January 2014

London Art Fair 2014: A Metamorphosis Of Maturity And Sophistication

It may be January, cold and wet but it is business as usual at Upper St for The London Art Fair, a consistently strong fair, which kicks off the season. This year is no exception and in fact the fair has reached a high level of maturity and sophistication, whilst giving a platform to exciting […]

10 January 2014

Richard Serra Curves and Angles: New Sculpture at Gagosian in Chelsea

I made my way to Chelsea through the piles of snow left from the previous day’s snowstorm, amidst the many other art lovers braving the cold to see Richard Serra’s show in both the W 21st and W 24th Street Gagosian galleries. Richard Serra, an American minimalist sculptor, specialises in large-scale work focusing on the […]

9 January 2014

Jake and Dinos Chapman: Birth, Death, Sex, Horror And McDonald’s

“we are sore-eyed scopophiliac oxymorons… disenfranchised aristocrats, under siege from our feudal heritage…our bread is buttered on both sides…” this was stencilled on the gallery wall as the artists introduction to the world over twenty years ago – fledglings from the nest of Gilbert & George, having once been their art technicians – yet arriving […]

5 January 2014

My Top Twenty 2013 Exhibitions Chosen By Paul Carey -Kent

It seemed to be a good year for double shows. Looking in no particular order at the geographically-constrained selection of what I actually saw (London unless stated) I didn’t think about it in compiling, but have only just noticed that Bedford’s finest, Andy Holden, and Sarah Lucas are the only British artists on the list […]

29 December 2013

London Art Exhibitions For January 2014 By Paul Carey- Kent

Paul Carey-Kent takes on the New Year with a selection of exhibitions ranging from Andreas Gursky to Daumier. On with the New, starting with the old. And, as it’s cold, moving on to a fire and then to Venezuela, where the temperature reaches 30C most days in January. And then back to the old, with a […]

26 December 2013

Artlyst Reveals The Top Ten London Art Exhibitions For 2013

With Christmas dinner just a pile of dishes in the kitchen sink, the effects of far too much Prosecco giving me just enough of a headache to down a couple of Nurofen plus and M&S ‘Marc’ truffles making my teeth sting, only slightly, I have slipped away to write up my top 10 exhibitions for […]

14 December 2013

Nicola Hicks: Of Humans, Animals And Half-breeds Flowers Gallery NY

Flowers Gallery, the New York edition of the successful London art gallery, currently has an exhibition of Nicola Hicks’ work. Nicola Hicks is a native Londoner who received her MA from the Royal College of Art, and has been honored by English government with an MBE. The Flowers’ show has six of Hicks’ sculptures, mostly […]

9 December 2013

Bloomberg New Contemporaries: A Duchampian Nod With A Dash Of Infantile Rebellion

The Bloomberg New Contemporaries at the ICA, London, is the oldest of the graduate survey exhibitions having been originally founded in 1949, and is considered an authoritative view of emerging talent, with a wealth of established artists having participated; from Hockney to Kapoor. The ICA is showcasing 46 artists in the exhibition for the fourth […]

7 December 2013

NADA Rules: A Reliable Trend Barometer Delivers Quality

Yesterday I had the privilege to attend NADA one of the better satellite art fairs, running simultaneously during Art Basel Miami week. There are now over 20 such fairs of varying quality, offering everything from Outsider Art to 20th Century modern masters. Art Basel Miami week is a random overload of fairs, events and pop-up […]

6 December 2013

Art Basel Miami: Wynwood Satellite Fairs And Events Review

Art Basel Miami week centres around the main fair held each year in the Miami Convention Centre. It is a celebration of international artistic trends as well as a global art market trade fair where you can actually purchase museum quality work by 20th and 21st century artists. It is easy to spot the current […]

5 December 2013

Art Basel Miami Opens To The Public In A Wave Of Optimism – Review

The art world has descended on glamorous Miami Beach for this year’s Art Basel Miami, which opened for a VIP and press preview yesterday and to the public today (Thursday). This is one of the most important events on the international art calendar and a place to catch up on the trends and directions for […]

1 December 2013

Beatriz Milhazes Presents Exhibition In São Paulo gallery

The Rio de Janeiro artist Beatriz Milhazes presents nine new paintings that emphasize, among other things, the optical and chromatic vibration of op art as well as patterns and colors from African tribal origins. In this series of works, her palette of citric colors and particular use of golden hues gives way to a darker […]

24 November 2013

Upcoming Sao Paulo Art Exhibitions For December 2013

The drawings presented by Carolina Ponte in her second individual in Zipper Gallery are produced with pen, ink and acrylic paint on paper. The creations in crochet are an expansion of her work with the draws: the sculptures are composed by little pieces and as the same as the little points at drawings. At the […]

23 November 2013

European Abstraction Exhibition Explores Artists As Liberated Self-reliant Individuals

A new exhibition which brings together the work of four artists who were instrumental in the evolution of post-war European abstraction, opened in London this week. It features the seminal artists Hantaï, Hartung, Soulages and Tàpies. Following WWII, Paris continued to be the nexus of European arts, literature and philosophy but it was clear that […]

21 November 2013

David Hockney Early Reflections: A Voyeuristic Exploration of Every Day Life

I was brought up with his name in my consciousness but there was always a silence after his name that I never quite understood. He was always the mysterious artist. It wasn’t as if people said to me as a child, ‘Ah yes, ‘David Hockney’, he was blah blah blah.” No, he was just David […]

13 November 2013

Andy Holden Hatches Lecture On Nesting: Zabludowicz Performa 13 NY

On a sleepy New York Saturday I headed out to Performa 13’s cozy “hub” to attend an artist class titled “Lecture on Nesting”. The lecture was a collaborative presentation by ornithologist Peter Holden and his son Andy Holden, the artist. The lecture proposed to explore the materials, structures, and process involved in the construction of […]

8 November 2013

Richard Prince Protest Paintings: Politicised Graffiti Over An Abstract Concept

Richard Prince’s Protest Paintings – brought together for his sixth exhibition at the Skarstedt Gallery, London – challenge both authority and authorship with a sense of irreverent badinage. Richard Prince has used many methods in his career to date, but the mainstay of the artist’s entire oeuvre is appropriation. As the inventor of Re-photography in […]

3 November 2013

Thiago Toes presents unprecedented exhibition in Sao Paulo neighborhood

Recognised beyond Brazil for the quality of his works, the artist will now present his work in his hometown. The visual artist Thiago Toes, 27, opens his exhibition entitled “Celeste” (Celestial) on 1st November at OMA Gallery, in São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo/Brazil). Curated by Douglas Negrisolli, the exhibit features nine new works (six […]

30 October 2013

Post Frieze Latest London Art Reviews: Patterns For November

Paul Carey Kent analyses ‘The Post Frieze effect’ – lots of interesting shows – lastings well into November. So here we have a system of ‘bonus balls’: each of ten choices has another exhibition nominated as a connection. There also seems to be a lot of pattern around, at its most extreme in Kehinde Wiley’s […]

29 October 2013

Transarte Opens In Sao Paulo With Works By American Artist Timothy Cummings

A new place in São Paulo – Brazil, opened in September with intents to receive artists and international art. The inaugural exhibition is the American Timothy Cummings, after more than a year in Brazil, he produced approximately 20 works gathered in the exhibition, with text presentation of Jorge Colli. Timothy shows acrylic paintings on wood […]

26 October 2013

Curitiba International Biennale Takes A New Urban Approach This Year

The Curitiba International Biennale arrives at it’s 20th year with an special focus: street art and art that happens outside museums and galleries, getting into the city. “The only criterion for the selection of works is the quality and relevance: they must impose itself on the quality and be able to point to some of […]

18 October 2013

Paul Klee An Artist’s Artist: New Tate Modern Exhibition Review

Paul Klee is an artist’s artist.  One thinks of him as a free artist with his fluid lines, blocks of colour and naïve child-like images of cartoonish people, fish and plants but there is so much more to him.  Klee was a meticulous artist, superb draughtsman with a deliberate, scientific approach to his work.  Hugely […]

16 October 2013

Malcolm Morley At The Ashmolean: Paintings and Drawings from the Hall Collection

A retrospective of fifty years of the artist’s work on loan from the Hall Foundation, curated by Sir Norman Rosenthal, and tracing the career of the first artist to win the Turner Prize. Malcolm Morley’s paintings share a connection with Pop Art – but he isn’t a Pop Artist. He created his work using methods […]

9 October 2013

Death, Tragedy And Anti-semitism Explored In New Vienna 1900 Exhibition

Facing The Modern – The Portrait in Vienna 1900: Is a new exhibition at The National Gallery, London (9 October 2013 – 12 January 2014) Art Journalist Sara Faith takes a look at the dark undercurrent running through this significant exhibition. The period surrounding Vienna in 1900 conjures up an image of immense creativity in […]

5 October 2013

10 Must See London Art Exhibitions For October 2013

Paul Carey-Kent picks the best of the crop for October 2013 What to choose in such a busy month? Most major spaces have a smaller gallery nearby.  And so I start with a few small shows close to rather bigger venues with which they might well be combined. Only in passing, then, do I mention […]

2 October 2013

Latest Amsterdam Art Exhibitions: Highlights By Paul Carey Kent

The old and the new sit easily with each other in Amsterdam, especially now that  its three powerhouse museums have all been reopened following extensive restructuring. So a weekend there was a good chance to see how the past is picked up in current trends. To that end, I visited: John Chamberlain’s Naughtynightcap (2008), Ritzfrolick […]

28 September 2013

Sao Paulo Art Exhibition Round Up 28 September 2013 By Douglas Negrisolli

São Paulo Galleries up-date, new exhibitions this week. OMA Gallery presents exhibition “Feito à mão” [Handmade] that brings three artists with Juliana Monachesi as curator. All the artists have in common the production with their proper hands as grandmothers did ages ago. Adélia Klinke, Renato Dib and Letícia Rita composes the gallery space with paintings […]

28 September 2013

Julia Goldman: Themes of Repetition and Femininity at American Contemporary Gallery NY

American Contemporary Gallery, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, recently opened a new and riveting show, exhibiting paintings by artist Julia Goldman. The show, Magazine, presents a series of oil paintings by the artist, focusing on the themes of repetition and femininity. The paintings, each differing from the next ever so slightly, reveal images of […]

25 September 2013

Richard Serra Drawings: A Sensitive Connection To Oneself

Few would expect a black and white reproduction of a still life by Cezanne to hang in Richard Serra’s bedroom. However that picture struck him years ago during a visit at the Courtauld Gallery. He remembers the strong physical reaction of the encounter, ‘making the hair at the back of his neck stand up’. Today […]

25 September 2013

Francis Bacon And Henry Moore Sadomasochistic Gambler Vs Immortal Bones

Happily married establishment figure and Royal College of Art tutor, versus a self-taught sadomasochistic gambler with a fondness for alcohol and the sleek underbelly of Soho. It is difficult not to see this exhibition as a competition of interests and the interesting; the very personalities of both artists are very evident – one only needs […]

18 September 2013

Daniel Melim Presents His Latest Media Manipulation Works In Sao Paulo

In Choque Cultural Gallery, a gallery specialising in street art in São Paulo, is running a solo show of Daniel Melim. After realising a public project in London’s South Bank, the artist exhibits his latest production with large scale paintings and stencil mixed media, closing a cycle and starting a new one in his career. […]

15 September 2013

Douglas Negrisolli Looks At Sao Paulo Art Exhibitions For September Part Two

The artist Francisco Hurtz presents the exhibition “ANTI-BODIES” at the Mezzanino Gallery presenting three series of works with sexuality / gender themes. At the same time the artist participates in THE NY ART BOOK FAIR, with two studies published in Secret Behavior (www.secretbehavior.com), which happens between 19-22/set at MoMA PS1 in New York (USA). In […]