26 November 2015

Henri Matisse Snail Cut Out Is Centrepiece Of New Liverpool Solo Exhibition

Tate Liverpool is currently presenting one of the most iconic works ever created by Henri Matisse – The Snail 1953.  Due to the delicate nature of the work, this is your only opportunity to see The Snail outside of London, as it is unlikely that this masterpiece will tour to other venues in our lifetime. In parallel with the exhibition, ‘An Imagined Museum’, on the ground floor […]

23 November 2015

Memory And Emotional Preservation Explored In New Tate Liverpool Exhibition

“The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.” – Marcel Duchamp  Memory is an important aspect of this exhibition, to remember works that generate an emotional effect in order to preserve them. The […]

22 November 2015

What Art Do The Artists We Collect, Collect?

I had a wonderful evening at 192 bookstore in Chelsea, listening to authors Stacey Goergen and Amanda Benchley talk about their new book, Artists Living With Art. The authors shared riveting stories about visiting top blue chip artists’ homes and seeing what art artists themselves choose to collect. As someone who regards collectors as the unsung […]

19 November 2015

Paul Black Reviews Cristina Iglesias: Phreatic Zones At Marian Goodman

Artlyst has attended Marian Goodman Gallery which is currently presenting an exhibition by Cristina Iglesias. This exhibition is the artist’s first solo presentation in London since her 2003 exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery. The artist has installed a totally immersive piece in the gallery. Transforming the space through the installation of three water-based works built […]

14 November 2015

Salon New York Presents Diversity Of Exhibitors And Outstanding Stock

When you walk into the Salon Design & Art Show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York you immediately see the diversity of the exhibitors. Look to the right and you are hit with the impact of London’s David Gill gallery which features contemporary designers ranging from the kitsch “Jungle V.I.P.” chandelier by Barnaby Barford to […]

10 November 2015

Alexander Calder: A Circus Of Form And Movement At Tate Modern

Walking into the Tate Modern’s latest exhibition dedicated to the kinetic sculptures of the American giant Alexander Calder, one can’t help being struck by the playfulness of the works.  The wire portraits of his artist friends such as Joan Miro and Fernand Leger project shadows on the white walls.  His critics have accurately described these […]

8 November 2015

Enrico Baj A Contentious, Original And Strikingly Prescient Italian Artist

“Enrico Baj was ingenious, curious, acute, he stayed naive, he did not take himself seriously but he took his ideas seriously – this is the genius of being ingenious.” – Francesco Bonami, curator and writer, speaking at the opening of the Enrico Baj show. Contentious, original and strikingly prescient, Italian artist Enrico Baj (1924-2003) was a pivotal artist and cultural presence […]

7 November 2015

Japanese Painter Noritake Kinashi Opens First US Solo Exhibition

Last week marked the opening of Japanese painter Noritake Kinashi’s first solo exhibition in the United States, at the Japanese gallery ‘hpgrp’ in New York.  Noritake Kinashi is foremost a famous comedian in Japan, with his own tv show and cult following. On top of this, Noritake has been painting for the last twenty years and […]

7 November 2015

Paul Carey Kent’s Curated London Art Exhibition Picks November 2015

Never mind the various fairs, there are scores of interesting shows to see at the moment including plenty of big names: Goya, Escher, Fontana, Auerbach, Ai Wei Wei, Kentridge, Boetti, Twombly, Richter, Lanyon, Durham, Burri,  Viola… And plenty more whose work I like: Rachel Rose, Emily Jacir, Nancy Holt, Phoebe Unwin, Dennis Loesch, Rodrigo Matheus, Katherine […]

6 November 2015

Paul Black Reviews Oscar Murillo’s Binary Function At David Zwirner London

Oscar Murillo is now considered an established artist – and David Zwirner is currently presenting Murillo’s first exhibition at the gallery in London – titled ‘Binary Function’, which refers to the pairings that permeate the artist’s multifaceted practice; with multiples that play against one another to create a dialogue that the exceeds individual objects, with […]

20 October 2015

Alberto Giacometti: Sensible Expression And Pure Presence National Portrait Gallery

If the outlandish and often gimmicky world of contemporary art is too hard to digest, ‘Frieze’ week also offers some statelier, classic offerings.  Aside from Frieze Masters itself, Giacometti: Pure Presence has just opened at the National Portrait Gallery while round the corner the National Gallery is offering Goya: The Portraits. Swiss born Alberto Giacometti (1901-66), a […]

19 October 2015

Lawrence Weiner Facilitates Large Text-Based Interventions At Blenheim Palace

It all started with a photograph, one taken in 1969 during the run-up to the seminal exhibition ‘Live in Your Head. When Attitudes Become Form: Works – Concepts – Processes – Situations – Information’ which was initially held at the Kunsthalle Bern between 1969-1970 before being transposed and re-staged in part at the 2013 Venice Biennial at the Fondazione […]

17 October 2015

Juliane Hundertmark: Berlin Artist Paintings Explores Disappearance Tradition And Folklore

Knight Webb Gallery, London is currently showing their first solo exhibition of the work of Berlin based Artist Juliane Hundertmark, Last Song. ‘Last Song’ refers to the rapid disappearance of tradition and folklore in a world being consumed by technology and existentialism.   Hundertmark’s Scenes superimpose the future with a rich history, reoccurring themes are […]

14 October 2015

Frieze 2015 Paul Carey Kent Picks His Favourites

There’s a good balance at Frieze this year: between showy and quiet work, and between heavy and light themes. I would characterise my selections – suitably for out times – as somewhat disturbing. Yet they’re by no means outright scary or pessimistic – there’s too much beauty, invention and wit for that…       […]

11 October 2015

Paul Carey Kent London Gallery Picks During Frieze Week 2015

Never mind the various fairs, there are scores of interesting shows to see at the moment including plenty of big names: Goya, Escher, Fontana, Auerbach, Ai Wei Wei, Kentridge, Boetti, Twombly, Richter, Lanyon, Durham, Burri,  Viola… And plenty more whose work I like: Rachel Rose, Emily Jacir, Nancy Holt, Phoebe Unwin, Gordon Cheung, Sol Calero, […]

10 October 2015

Cy Twombly’s Monumental Festive Canvases Inaugurate Gagosian’s Massive New London Gallery

Following their now longstanding inaugural tradition, Gagosian Gallery is exhibiting works by CY Twombly at their new location on Grosvenor Hill and in curatorial congruence at their nearby Davies Street location.  The new gallery, designed by Caruso St. John who also designed locations in Rome, Paris and on London’s Britannia Street, features two double-height gallery spaces, […]

2 October 2015

Turner Prize Sacrifices Visual Punch For Conceptual Filler In Glasgow

What do chorale singers, a craftsman’s showroom, a posh cafe with fur coats thrown over chairs and a library reading room have in common? Yes you guessed it – it must be Turner Prize time again!  This year the latest nominees for this most prestigious British art prize have gone north to Scotland for the first […]

23 September 2015

City & Guilds Of London Art School – MA Fine Art Show 2015

The City & Guilds of London Art School, a not for profit specialist institution of art training, recently displayed its MA Fine Art Show includes work from 13 graduating MA Fine Art Students, as well as interim work by 6 part-time students completing their first year of study. The show also featured exhibitions by three […]

22 September 2015

Ai Weiwei At The Royal Academy: The Human Face Of Duchamp

Artlyst recently attended the press view of the Royal Academy of Arts’ landmark exhibition of the Honorary Royal Academician, Ai Weiwei. The exhibition includes significant works from 1993 onwards, the date that marks Ai Weiwei’s return to China following more than a decade living in New York. The acclaimed dissident artist has created new, site-specific […]

22 September 2015

Art Works As Memos From The Past: Paris/Barcelona Gallery Roundup

What better place to begin an art vacation than with a visit to one of the 20th Century’s most contentious and influential sculptures at the Centre George Pompidou? The slippery slope of the readymade set in action by Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain (featured in the Pompidou’s Modern art gallery space) and its history did not surface […]

14 September 2015

Artlyst Experiences Random International’s Rain Room At The Yuz Museum Shanghai

Artlyst recently travelled to Shanghai to visit the latest iteration of Random International’s Rain Room, recently installed at The Yuz Museum in the city. The installation is sponsored by Volkswagen, and marks the first display of Rain Room in China. The work was created by the British-German artist collective, which began with displays in London […]

11 September 2015

Contemporary Art History: Mayfair Gallery Round-Ups By Alice Pelot

A large number of the exhibitions in Mayfair for the fall season reach back to the fifties, revisiting conceptual art, geometric abstraction, and photography’s history. Emerging artists are exploring art historical themes of painterly voyeurism and commercial galleries are presenting participatory art works. One afternoon in the small spaces of Sprüth Magers, Stephen Friedman, Gagosian […]

10 September 2015

STUDIO By Dominic Beattie At The FOLD Gallery

Dominic Beattie, a promising young artist and native Londoner who was recently featured in the New Order II: British Art today exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, has come full circle to present a new solo exhibition of recent work at the Fold Gallery. Frustrated by the ‘historically-loaded’ convention of oil painting, he began to focus […]

28 August 2015

Massimiliano Gioni: A Subversive, Eclectic Portrait Of The Great Mother

In the land of the exalted Madonna, Massimiliano Gioni presents a subversive, eclectic and extraordinary portrait of  “The Great Mother.”  Like the brilliant 2013 Venice Biennale, which he directed, this exhibition presents superstar and outsider artists, with a decidedly transgressive  view.  Conceived as a temporary museum, the female images, exploring the mysteries of motherhood, begin at the turn of the twentieth century up to the present. […]

9 August 2015

London Art Exhibitions For August 2015 Chosen By Paul Carey Kent

Here is the latest in Paul Carey-Kent’s rolling top ten, together with previous choices which you can still still see… Alex Cecchetti: the printing house of hell @ Kunstraum, 15a Cremer St – Hoxton To 22 Aug: www.kunstraum.org.uk Dancing with a teapot, 2015 – oil on paper It says something for Alex Cecchetti’s charisma that the […]

5 August 2015

Liberties: Women Artists Explore The Sex Discrimination Act Of 1975

Curators Day + Gluckman have put on an exhibition of work by women artists. They have called it Liberties and they have hung it on a hook. The hook is the introduction of the Sex Discrimination Act in 1975. That, coupled with the fact that the exhibition is sited in a prestigious law firm not far from the […]

5 August 2015

Shirley Baker And Summer Group Show At London’s Photographer’s Gallery

The two summer shows at the Photographers’ Gallery are of differing styles and subject matter, but unexpectedly complementary in terms their improvisational, ‘live’ dynamic. A deeply felt retrospective of Shirley Baker’s social documentary work from 1960’s Salford, jars and jostles with the large survey of approaches to music photography ‘We Want More’. It’s a clever […]

31 July 2015

Eileen Cooper : Love, Sex, Motherhood And Family New RA Drawings Exhibition

Eileen Cooper is the first female ever to hold the post of Keeper of the Royal Academy in its 247-year history, a post she has held since 2010 having been elected a Royal Academician in 2000 and as such she has strong ties with the Royal Academ. She also teaches at the RA schools along […]

25 July 2015

Pop Up To Mainstream London Art Exhibitions For July 2015

From pop-up art shows, corporate art collection shows, student final year shows to main stream commercial art galleries, final year Camberwell School of Art BA Illustration student, Florence Goodhand-Tait gives her selection of shows on in London during July. A collage exhibition is currently being held at The Print House in Dalston. The artists were […]

22 July 2015

Summer Art Exhibitions Not To Miss in London In 2015 By Paul Carey – Kent

Paul Carey-Kent one of London’s leading art critics give us his choices for summer art exhibitions not to miss. ‘Matthew Higgs and Clive Hodgson’ & ‘Figuratively’ @ Wilkinson, 50-58 Vyner St – Cambridge Heath To 16 Aug: www.wilkinsongallery.com   This is quite the smorgasbord: New York mutli-tasker Matthew Higgs pairs his droll found text works, extended here from isolated […]

20 July 2015

Life’s A Beach: Marc Quinn’s New Exhibition Explores Toxic Environmental Issues

A new exhibition of work by Marc Quinn is always an event in London. It’s not just that he’s on the short-list of successful artists from the YBA period who have made their mark in the glory days of Brit Art – but also the fact that for much of his career he has produced quality work. Some […]

19 July 2015

Obsessions Grow: Camberwell MA Degree Show 2015

Unlike the BA exhibition, there is more space to breath as there are fewer students involved. Walk into Camberwell College and turn right for the MA Select Showcase where Camberwell Space has selected a selection of work across the MA courses. The work that most strikes me are the miniature ceramic pots by Yuta Segawa – […]