Gillian Ayres Leading British Abstract Painter Dies Age 88

Gillian Ayres was one of the leading British abstract painters of her generation has died age 88.

13 February 2018

Jef Geys Belgian Conceptual Artist Dies Age 83

Jef Geys (born Leopoldsburg, Belgium,1934) known for his installations, photography and conceptual work has died age 83.

3 January 2018


Betty Woodman Feminist Pioneer Painter/Ceramicist Dies Age 87

Betty Woodman (b. 1930, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA) has died age 87 on 2 January.

27 December 2017

Tim Rollins Artist And KOS Founder Dies Age 62

The artist Tim Rollins has died at age 62. He co-founded the Manhattan group Art Material in 1979 with Julie Ault and Félix González-Torres.

7 August 2017


Dr. Martin Roth Former Director Of London’s V&A Dies Age 62

Dr. Martin Roth the former director of the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) has died age 62.

17 June 2017


British Photographer Khadija Saye Dies In Grenfell Fire age 24

The British Photographer Khadija Saye has died age 24.She has officially been confirmed as a Victim of the Grenfell Tower Block Fire which has so far claimed nearly 50 lives.

4 May 2017


A. R. Penck German Painter Known For His Pictographic Neo-primitivist Style Dies

A. R. Penck, the German painter, printmaker, sculptor, and jazz drummer has died age 77.

2 March 2017


Gustav Metzger Creator Of Auto-Destructive Art Dies In London Aged 90

Gustav Metzger, (1926–2017) creator of “auto-destructive art,” has died in London age ninety.

17 February 2017


Jannis Kounellis Arte Povera Associated Artist Dies At 80

The artist Jannis Kounellis, who was best known for his association with the Arte Povera movement has died in Rome, aged 80. Born in Piraeus, Greece in 1936, favourite the age of 20 he moved to Rome and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, where he continued to live and work. His first solo exhibition in 1960 at La Tartaruga gallery exhibited 12 live horses. The work was recently recreated by New York’s Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in June 2015.

13 January 2017


Photographer Lord Snowdon Husband Of Princess Margaret Dies Age 86

Lord Snowdon the Royal photographer who was married to Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, from 1960 to 1978 has died age 87.

2 January 2017

John Berger Artist, Critic And Booker Prize Winner Dies Age 90

The artist, critic, poet, and Booker prize-winning author John Berger has died age 90. Best known in art circles for his essay of art criticism, ‘Ways of Seeing’, it accompanied a popular BBC series and is still used as a university text. Berger was a novelist, painter, and poet. His novel G. won the 1972 Booker Prize.

13 August 2016


Rainer Crone Professor and Andy Warhol Expert Dies Age 73

Rainer Crone a highly respected university academic emeritus of Contemporary Art and History of Film at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and a specialist in the art of Andy Warhol has died after a long illness, age 73. His death was confirmed by Martina Fischer at the Haus der Kunst Museum in Munich. Prof. Dr. Crone had previously taught at Yale University, the University of California, […]

16 April 2016


Richard Smith English Painter And Printmaker Dies Age 84

Richard Smith the English painter and printmaker has died age 84. Smith was born in 1931 and grew up in Letchworth Garden City. He attended art school in Luton and St Albans before studying at the Royal College of Art from 1954 to 1957, where he was a precursor of the generation of Pop artists that included David Hockney, Allen […]

6 July 2015


Jules Wright Visionary Founder Of The Wapping Project Dies Age 67

Jules Wright  was one of London’s most daring and visionary commissioners of contemporary art and artists. She took a  characteristically innovative approach to showcasing new talent at The Wapping Project which she launched in east London in 1993. The gallery space offered a unique urban venue that was defined by its independence. Born in Australia, Ms Wright came to the […]

8 June 2015


Alan Bond Charismatic Australian Businessman And Art Collector Dies

Alan Bond the highly charismatic Australian businessman and art collector has died age 77. Bond, honoured as Australian of the Year after winning the America’s Cup yacht race in 1983, was convicted of four fraud charges surrounding the sale of Edouard Manet’s La Promenade. He was jailed for four years.  His empire crumbled as a result and he was eventually bankrupted.  In 1996 he […]

21 April 2015


A. Alfred Taubman Former Jailed Chairman Of Sotheby’s Dies

A. Alfred Taubman, the self-made billionaire/developer of the modern shopping centre, who was jailed for commission fixing and collusion with Christie’s, when he was Chairman of Sotheby’s Auctioneers, has died in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, age 91.  Taubman was a college dropout who built a fortune building shopping malls across America. He bought the ailing, privately held Sotheby’s Auctioneers in 1983 for $124 million […]

20 August 2014


Ger van Elk Dutch Conceptual Artist Dies Age 73

Ger van Elk who died age 73 on 17 August was a highly regarded conceptual artist, both nationally as internationally, he continuously reviewed and reconsidered his own work, his personal, trivial, observations as well as art historical developments. Born in Amsterdam, in 1941 at the height of WWII, Van Elk spend many of his his […]

7 June 2014


Robyn Denny British Abstract Painter, Printmaker And Designer Dies

Robyn Denny (b.1930) the British abstract painter, printmaker, and designer has died age 84 .Denny was born in Abinger, Surrey, and after studying at Central St Martin’s School of Art he attended the Royal College of Art from 1951–7. He was among the young British painters influenced by the scale and energy of  New York […]

29 November 2012


Zap Comix Artist Manuel Spain Rodriguez Dies In San Francisco

The pioneering underground comix artist Manuel “Spain” Rodriguez has died, age 72. Born in Buffalo, NY, Rodriguez built his early cartooning career in New York where he contributed to The East Village Other. He was known for his ‘muscular, inky style’ which owed influences to EC Comics of Wally Wood. His years riding with biker […]

26 July 2012


Franz West Best Known Viennese Artist Of His Generation Dies

Franz West the innovative Austrian sculptor has died age 65. He was one of the best known contemporary artists living in Vienna, where he was born in 1947. West began his career in mid-1960s Vienna when a local movement called Actionism was in full swing. West’s earliest sculptures, performances, and collages were a reaction to […]