2 January 2018


Transgender Artist Ela Xora Hospitalised During Hunger Strike Over Piers Morgan Comment

Over the New Year period, transgender artist Ela Xora collapsed and was taken to hospital after six days of hunger strike against historically inaccurate comments made on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, by its presenter Piers Morgan.

6 December 2017


Intersex Denier Mary Beard Issues One Word Apology To Non-Binary Hunger Striker

Last week, one of the world’s most renowned and influential classicist Professors, Mary Beard, from the University of Cambridge, was locked into a “battle of the genders” with artist Ela Xora, over the banning and “modern skirting over” of vast and fascinating ancient history involving transgender and intersex people, in the Greek and Roman Empires, at the prestigious university, where she is a department head.

10 October 2016

Artist Ela Xora Explores Signs of Intersex People At University of Cambridge

The finale to a fascinating series of art exhibitions by artist Ela Xora entitled “Signs of Intersex People”, is due to be staged at the University of Cambridge on 24th October and was last week previewed at the Royal College of Art after the artist was invited to give a presentation there by head of […]

6 October 2015


Ela Xora Explores UK Law Trans and Intersex Equality In New Exhibitions

Rising Mask Maker, Visual, Aural and Performance Artist Ela Xora launches a new series of exhibitions during her Artist In Residency at Limewharf Gallery which build on extensive UN, Council of Europe and Amnesty International statements to end the stigmatizing legal invisibility, non consenting genital, psychological and hormonal modification of Intersex people, forcing them into […]