6 March 2015


Etchings: A Peculiar Mid-point Between The Grand Officialness Of Painting

Etchings occupy a peculiar mid-point between the grand ‘officialness’ of the painting medium, historically seen as noble – whether oil, watercolour, synthetic or piss painting (Warhol) – and the medium of drawing on paper, by nature more likely to preparatory and doodling, an immediate mind thought dashed down with nowhere near the same degree of […]

8 February 2015


Etchings Created By Queen Victoria And Prince Albert For London Original Print Fair

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were passionate patrons of the arts. But what might surprise a number of people is the revelation that they were also enthusiastic amateur artists, who dabbled with etching throughout their marriage. Now etchings by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from the Royal Collection are due to go on show at […]