8 June 2015


Gagosian Gallery Announce Cy Twombly Exhibition To Inaugurate New London Gallery

Gagosian moves to a new premises at Grosvenor Hill, Mayfair in October to tie in with London’s Frieze Week. The exhibition will include large scale unseen Bacchus paintings, which Twombly retained in his studio, as well as loans from other collections. It is organized in collaboration with the Cy Twombly Foundation. Twombly’s enduring importance to the art of the present […]

20 February 2014

Georg Baselitz Action Portraits: A Reflection Of The Artist’s Unconscious

The Britannia Street Gagosian gallery is currently showing the works of Georg Baselitz in Farewell Bill. The new Baselitz paintings are self-portraits that pay reverence to the great artist Willem de Kooning. Baselitz encountered Kooning’s gestural paintings, Woman I  and Woman II, as a student in Germany in 1958.    A traditional portrait depicts a […]

10 May 2013


Rachel Whiteread: Thought Provoking Visual Qualities And Poetic Resonance

Before I went to Rachel Whiteread’s latest exhibition at Gagosian gallery, I read an unkind review in one of the London free newspapers charging her with lacking originality and obeying just another ploy from Larry Gagosian to satisfy his wealthy art collectors. This is just ridiculous. It’s also unfair. Artists often repeat a theme, or […]