23 September 2018

Chris Burden: Gagosian Unveils Two Large-scale Works For Frieze Week

Chris Burden ‘Measured’, an exhibition of two large-scale works 1 Ton Crane Truck (2009) and Porsche with Meteorite (2013) will be unveiled at Gagosian Britannia Street

10 September 2018


Urs Fischer Immortalises Roman Abramovich Ex Wife Dasha Zhukova In Wax

The Swiss contemporary artist Urs Fischer has created a life-size wax sculpture of the art collector, curator and director of the Garage museum in Moscow, Dasha Zhukova.

4 June 2018

Howard Hodgkin’s Last Stand? Late Paintings Gagosian – Edward Lucie-Smith

The current show of late paintings by Howard Hodgkin at Gagosian Grosvenor Hill is, for me, a melancholy occasion.

18 May 2018

Katharina Grosse: Kaleidoscopic Matter And Energy – Zoltan Alexander

Monumental and breathtaking are the words that first come to my mind when I think of Katharina Grosse’s site-specific installations.

10 April 2018

Richard Serra vs Hope To Nope – Edward Lucie-Smith

Sometimes two shows come along that seem perfectly timed to contradict one another.

19 February 2018

Nancy Rubins: A Woman Of Conviction – Gagosian – Edward Lucie-Smith

Nancy Rubins’ exuberant exhibition at Gagosian Britannia Street comes as a great relief in the current epoch of self-righteous #MeToo feminism. Essentially it consists of four very large sculptures, accompanied by two equally large wall drawings, The drawings – so-called – are non-figurative, and need not detain one for long. They are essentially playful works, […]

14 February 2018

Damien Hirst Goes Off The Grid To Reinvent The Spot

Damien Hirst the Turner Prize-winning former YBA has unveiled a sample of his evolving painting style, and it’s not Bacon inspired like his skull series nor is it exotic like his ‘Parrot’ paintings. The new works hark back to his original ‘Spot’ canvases painted in the 1980s.

2 February 2018

Glenn Brown: Fragments Repeated With Twiddly Bits Added – Edward Lucie-Smith

The more I looked at Glenn Brown’s latest show, the more I felt that I was both the right and the wrong person to be attempting to review it.

23 January 2018

Glenn Brown: Unsung Hero Gets The Gagosian Seal Of Approval

Glenn Brown’s first major exhibition in London since 2009 at Gagosian is one of the most highly anticipated exhibitions of the new year.

30 October 2017


Paris Art Exhibitions Autumn 2017 Black Flags, Bears And Reflections

While Touring around Paris attending the 44th edition of FIAC at the Grand Palais, Zoltan Alexander encountered countless art exhibitions throughout the city.

1 June 2017


Dan Colen To Be Represented By Lévy Gorvy In New International Partnership

The American artist Dan Colen (b. 1979, New Jersey) is to be represented by Dominique Lévy and Brett Gorvy. This marks a conjoining of galleries which also exhibit the artist’s work. In the past Gagosian and Massimo de Carlo, Milan had an exclusive deal with the artist.

5 October 2016


Ed Ruscha Launches Frieze Week With New Paintings Exhibition At Gagosian London

Extremes and In-betweens is the latest exhibition by the American painter Ed Ruscha which opened last night to a crowd that included Tracey Emin, Anish Kapoor,Michael Craig-Martin, Ron Arad, Alan Jones and Monica Lewinsky.

28 August 2016


Richard Prince And Gagosian Sued By Makeup Artist Over Instagram Copyright infringement

Ashley Salazar, AKA Mynxii White is suing the artist Richard Prince and The Gagosian Gallery through the US District Court, in the Central District of California. The case revolves around a two-year-old photograph of the makeup artist who claims that Prince appropriated her intellectual property, without being consulted as the subject for a $100,000 work of art. The lawsuit was filed 15 […]

22 August 2016


Richard Serra: NJ-2, Rounds: Equal Weight, Unequal Measure, Rotate

Three recent large-scale steel sculptures by international sculptor Richard Serra. The Davies Stree gallery is showing Drawings by Serra. Richard Serra is one of the most significant artists of his generation. He has produced large-scale, site-specific sculptures for architectural, urban and landscape settings spanning the globe, from Iceland to New Zealand. Serra’s first solo gallery […]

22 August 2016


Richard Serra: Drawings

New Composite Drawings by sculptor Richard Serra to accompany the large-scale steel sculptures on show in the Britannia Street gallery.

16 June 2016


Picasso $100m Family Dispute Moves In Favour Of Billionaire Leon Black

A dispute involving Pablo Picasso’s family, over the 1931 “Buste de Femme (Marie-Therese),” has been settled out of court. The sculpture valued at more than $100 million has moved in favour of New York billionaire, Leon Black, forcing the Picasso family to pay the Qatari royal family agents an undisclosed sum.  The Picasso’s heirs now must pay London-based agent, Pelham Europe, […]

8 May 2016


Julian Schnabel To Leave Gagosian And Return To Pace

Julian Schnabel the New York multidisciplinary artist best known for his paintings in the 1980s is to leave Gagosian and return to Pace, it has been announced. His  practice extends beyond painting to include sculpture and film. He told the New York Times, “I wanted to have a more human relationship with the person who was representing my work. “ Schnabel, […]

16 April 2016


First-ever Giacometti And Yves Klein Joint Exhibition Mounted At Gagosian

Although Giacometti and Klein, were artists born a generation apart and couldn’t be more different the two artists lived and worked within a mile of each other, in Montparnasse, Paris, but there are few clues in their work to suggest that they shared the same artistic milieu. What they did have in common was an acute consciousness of the catastrophic effects […]

12 February 2016


Ten Small Steps To Emerging In The Global Art World

All professional artists, at some point in their careers want to achieve the ultimate accolade and that prize is the coveted solo exhibition.  Solo exhibitions are a key factor in establishing both the reputation of an artist and also establishing a market for the artist’s work.  Whether you are a painter, sculptor or photographer in […]

8 December 2015


Jeff Koons Appropriates Great Masters While We Straighten Our Ties

A brand new series of paintings by the Post Pop artist Jeff Koons entitled Gazing Ball is currently on show in New York. In this series, Koons has appropriated images from artists of the past, such as Titian, El Greco, Courbet, and Manet, among others. The works deal with the power of artistic gesture. Each work has […]

10 October 2015

Cy Twombly’s Monumental Festive Canvases Inaugurate Gagosian’s Massive New London Gallery

Following their now longstanding inaugural tradition, Gagosian Gallery is exhibiting works by CY Twombly at their new location on Grosvenor Hill and in curatorial congruence at their nearby Davies Street location.  The new gallery, designed by Caruso St. John who also designed locations in Rome, Paris and on London’s Britannia Street, features two double-height gallery spaces, […]

1 September 2015


Iconic Roy Lichtenstein Mural Resurrected Then Destroyed Again

The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, in collaboration with Gagosian New York has announced a rare public re-creation display of “Roy Lichtenstein: Greene Street Mural.” The artwork was created in December 1983 by Lichtenstein as an unprecedented, site-specific, and temporary wall painting measuring 18′ × 96 1/2′ at the Castelli Gallery at 142 Greene Street. In accordance with Lichtenstein’s intention, the […]

11 August 2015


Gagosian Gallery Announce Representation Of Nam June Paik Estate

The Gagosian Gallery have announced that they are to represent the estate of Nam June Paik, the Korean born international artist. Paik (1932-2006) was widely acknowledged as the founder of video art, bringing television into the realm of art for the first time and presenting it as a tactile and multisensory medium. Trained as a classical pianist, […]

12 November 2014


Howard Hodgkin Gouaches Recently Discovered In Wilshire Workshop Exhibited

A new exhibition of recently discovered gouaches by the 82 year old, Turner Prize winning artist Howard Hodgkin, titled Indian Waves, displays 30 works, after more than 20 years in storage. They will now be shown in public for the first time at Gagosian in Davies Street opening on 28 November 2014. The hand-painted works […]

1 September 2014


Dan Colen: The Intrinsic Properties and Potential Revelations of Oil Paint

Dan Colen is painting again! The Miracle paintings continue an investigation that has been central to Colen’s practice from the outset: to what extent does art come from the artist, and to what extent does it arise from forces independent of the artist? In his earliest paintings, Colen labored over precise oil renderings of banal […]

10 January 2014

Richard Serra Curves and Angles: New Sculpture at Gagosian in Chelsea

I made my way to Chelsea through the piles of snow left from the previous day’s snowstorm, amidst the many other art lovers braving the cold to see Richard Serra’s show in both the W 21st and W 24th Street Gagosian galleries. Richard Serra, an American minimalist sculptor, specialises in large-scale work focusing on the […]

27 May 2013


Gerhard Richter Tapestries On Display at Gagosian In London

A group of four tapestries by Gerhard Richter entitled Abdu, Iblan, Musa, and Yusuf (all 2009) is the subject of a new exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in London. These works are based on Abstract Painting (724-4) (1990), a key example of Richter’s distinctive approach to non-representational painting. The visual effect of the tapestries is […]

24 April 2013

Florian Maier-Aichen: Photographs Creating Illusions of the Bigger Picture

At one point, perhaps somewhere around 1911, pictures decided they wanted to stop being a window through which you could see things already in the world – be it a landscape or an apple or a laughing cavalier – and simply be something in the world. They stopped representing and started being, either through abstraction […]