7 August 2018

Andy Warhol At 90 His Influence Lives On

Happy 90th Birthday Andy Warhol. This is the artist that propelled contemporary art to the breaking-point that we know today.

23 March 2013


Yayoi Kusama Celebrates 84th Birthday With Work That Keeps Evolving

Yayoi Kusama who thrilled London last year with her fabulous Tate Modern retrospective celebrates her 84th birthday today ( 22 March ). Kusama arrived in New York from provincial Japan in the late 1950s, she had almost instantly found herself at the epicentre of the city’s avant-garde, setting herself up as an abstract painter in […]

4 May 2012


Iconic Work Of Keith Haring Honoured In Google Doodle

Iconic pop artist Keith Haring is honoured today – his birthday – by the latest Google Doodle that copycats his style. In the early 1980s, Haring exploded on the New York art scene with a series of chalk drawings in the subways that featured bold lines, vivid colors, and primitivistic, cartoony figures. He got to […]