23 March 2013


Yayoi Kusama Celebrates 84th Birthday With Work That Keeps Evolving

Yayoi Kusama who thrilled London last year with her fabulous Tate Modern retrospective celebrates her 84th birthday today ( 22 March ). Kusama arrived in New York from provincial Japan in the late 1950s, she had almost instantly found herself at the epicentre of the city’s avant-garde, setting herself up as an abstract painter in […]

4 May 2012


Iconic Work Of Keith Haring Honoured In Google Doodle

Iconic pop artist Keith Haring is honoured today – his birthday – by the latest Google Doodle that copycats his style. In the early 1980s, Haring exploded on the New York art scene with a series of chalk drawings in the subways that featured bold lines, vivid colors, and primitivistic, cartoony figures. He got to […]