11 November 2017


Chantal Meza: Painting A State of Terror – Profile By Dr. Brad Evans

The Mexican painter Chantal Meza (born 1989) takes us on a deeply moving and challenging journey through the intimate realities of her worlds of beauty and pain.

13 March 2017

George W Bush: Being A Bad President Doesn’t Necessarily Make You A Bad Painter

George W Bush’s is painting again and this time the joke seems to be over. He is not only getting rave reviews but his book of paintings published on February 28, is currently top of The Washington Post’s list of best sellers.

21 December 2016


Top 10 – Monochrome: Works of Art in Black and White

A new exhibition at the National Gallery is a celebration of monochrome and in particular painting in black and white. Artlyst has curated its own selection.

10 June 2015


Art and neuroscience. New paintings explore the Stroop Effect

 My new paintings explore the Stroop Effect. They demonstrate that the brain’s reaction time slows down when it has to deal with conflicting information, for example, if the name of a colour, say “RED” is printed in different colour, say blue. When a word’s meaning is combined with distracting information, such as a colour, two […]

10 March 2015


Winston Churchill Paintings Given To The Nation In Lieu Of Tax

Thirty seven paintings by Sir Winston Churchill have been donated to the nation in lieu of £9,404,990 tax, following the death of his daughter. Lady Mary Soames, died last year at 91 and was Sir Winston’s last surviving child. Most of the works are on display at Chartwell, Churchill’s family home in Kent ,which is […]