23 June 2015


Broadcast your social issue message across a London Billboard

A great opportunity has been launched by Waxchick to have a social-issue message made for you as a poster campaign displayed across a London Billboard. You can find out more and have the campaign made for you here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/306180878/waxchick-billboards-x-you

16 October 2014


What Makes Canvas Prints Look Better?

An individual who is a follower of poster art and adores bigger flaunts of photos, it’s most expected that he or she have begin to consider about canvas prints. Many artists aren’t pleased about canvas prints, as these prints offer fine-looking artistic work much economical than a painting. In today’s world, canvas printing work is […]

9 December 2011


This is what 500 hrs of airbrush on 1 painting looks like.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “Two Faces” by Chris Elliman. This is what 500 hrs of airbrush on 1 painting looks like.San Diego Ca USA Dec. 08,2011 Welcome to the amazing world of “Two Faces”. An original painting created by Chris Elliman. For three months straight Elliman powered through the rendering of “Two Faces” . This airbrush […]