11 June 2015


Klein, Fontana, Uecker Open At Skarstedt Gallery London

Skarstedt presents its exhibition Burning, Cutting, Nailing at the London gallery this June. The exhibition explores the dual approach of destruction and creation in iconic works by modern masters including Yves Klein, Lucio Fontana and Günther Uecker. Rejecting established modes of representation, the works featured in the exhibition exemplify the artists’ shared quest for a […]

13 February 2015

Barbara Kruger, Robert Fraser, And Hugh Scott-Douglas – London West End Exhibition Round-up

Barbara Kruger Early Works – Skarstedt Gallery, London Skarstedt London presents the exhibition of seminal early works by American artist Barbara Kruger. The exhibition features Kruger’s trademark black and white photographs, overlaid with the artist’s provocative captions. This group of works, selected from the 1980s, examines the cultural constructions of power, identity and sexuality through […]

16 October 2014


Warhol’s The Scream Sells For £3.4 Million At Frieze Masters

New York and London gallery Skarstedt can now count among its early sales Andy Warhol’s 1984 remix of Edvard Munch’s The Scream The work sold to a private collector for around £3.4 million, at Frieze Masters 2014. This is a sum pales in comparison to the £74 million Leon Black paid for Munch’s own version […]

8 November 2013

Richard Prince Protest Paintings: Politicised Graffiti Over An Abstract Concept

Richard Prince’s Protest Paintings – brought together for his sixth exhibition at the Skarstedt Gallery, London – challenge both authority and authorship with a sense of irreverent badinage. Richard Prince has used many methods in his career to date, but the mainstay of the artist’s entire oeuvre is appropriation. As the inventor of Re-photography in […]