26 January 2018


Turner Prize Winner Martin Boyce Unveils New Commission At Tate Britain 

Martin Boyce the Turner Prize-winning artist has been commissioned to create a new installation outside Tate Britain.

11 September 2017


Rachel Whiteread Talks To Sue Hubbard About Her New Exhibition At Tate Britain

Trying to get hold of Rachel Whiteread to talk about her new exhibition at Tate Britain, her largest to date is rather like attempting to gain an audience at the White House.

18 July 2017

Impressionist Refugees Monet, Tissot And Pissarro In Britain New Tate Exhibition

Tate Britain brings together over 100 important works by Impressionist masters such as Monet, Tissot, Pissarro, and others for a blockbuster exhibition this Autumn.

31 May 2017

David Hockney Exhibition Becomes Tate Britain’s Biggest Ever Draw

The David Hockney retrospective that just finished running at Tate Britain has drawn 478,082 visitors past the gate. This makes it the most visited exhibition ever held at the gallery on Millbank, either in its time as the Tate Gallery or since it became Tate Britain in 2000.

28 April 2017

Art Now: A Pale Corporate Shadow Of A Former Anarchic Practice – Sue Hubbard

The other night I went to the private view of Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson’s performance that forms part of Tate Britain’s Art Now, an ongoing series of contemporary exhibitions.

17 April 2017


Tate Britain Comes Out – Queer British Art 1861–1967 By Simon Tarrant

Imagine in 1988 the public furore if the Tate had hosted an exhibition of queer British art – marking the 21st anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act, which decriminalised private homosexual acts between men over 21 in England and Wales.

5 April 2017

Queer Art At Tate – My Take By Edward Lucie-Smith

The hosannas are already ringing out for Tate Britain’s new show Queer British Art, 1861-1967.

10 February 2017

David Hockney iPad Paintings Broadcast Across UK On Large Public Screens

David Hockney’s iPad paintings are currently being broadcast across the UK on large, public screens to mark the opening of his Tate Britain retrospective. From Thursday 9 February, millions of people in the UK will see an animation of Hockney’s brushstrokes building to reveal a painting in his inimitable style. The work – Untitled, 382 – depicts his garden in Los Angeles and this will be its European premiere.

8 February 2017

David Hockney According To Himself – Review By Edward Lucie-Smith

It seems a long time since Tate Britain had a real blockbuster show. Even the Turner Prize, once a focus of popular attention, has received less and less publicity recently, to the point where the dissidents of the Stuckist Movement can no longer be bothered to picket it, even when the annual prize exhibition is held here in London, and not banished to some deserving gallery in the provinces.

6 February 2017


David Hockney Unveils His First British Retrospective Exhibition At Tate Britain

David Hockney unveils his first retrospective at Tate Britain opening to the public 9th February.

28 October 2016

Paul Nash – A Modernist Paradox by Edward Lucie-Smith

The elegant new Paul Nash retrospective just opened at Tate Britain offers a welcome contrast to some of the dismal offerings that have been unveiled there in the recent past. It celebrates an important British artist and does so in a thoroughgoing way.

12 August 2016


Penelope Curtis Former Director of Tate Britain To Curate At TEFAF Maastricht

TEFAF Maastricht, the world’s leading art and antiques fair, has announced that Penelope Curtis the former Director of Tate Britain  will be curating the third edition of TEFAF Curated. The director of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon will host a selected group of galleries each exhibiting works by contemporary artists on the theme of the reclining or recumbent […]

3 August 2016


Should Tate Britain Be Turned Into The Long-overdue Turner Gallery?

Edward Lucie-Smith’s excellent article in Artlyst posed the problem of what to do with Tate Britain, now that Tate Modern has become, “the epicentre of the booming global contemporary art world.“  It simply can’t compete with either the Tate Modern, or the National Gallery in terms of size and sits uncomfortably between the past and […]

11 July 2016


Paul Nash The Most Evocative Landscape Painter Of His Generation

Tate Britain is presenting an exhibition of Paul Nash, the largest exhibition of the artist’s work for a generation. Paul Nash is one of the most distinctive and important British artists of the 20th century. Renowned as a war artist in both the First and Second World Wars, the exhibition will further reveal Nash’s work from his earliest […]

12 May 2016


Queer British Art 1861-1967

Tate Britain presents the first UK show to focus exclusively on queer British art, marking the 50 year anniversary of the decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England. Featuring works from the Pre-Raphaelites to Francis Bacon, the show explores how artists expressed themselves in a time when established assumptions about gender and sexuality were being questioned and transformed. Deeply personal and intimate works […]

12 May 2016


Turner Prize 2016

The Turner Prize was set up in 1984 and remains one of the best-known prizes for the visual arts The prize is awarded to an artist for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work in the preceding year. Each year, an independent jury is selected to judge the prize. They draw up the shortlist after […]

26 April 2016


Pablo Bronstein Unveils Historical Dances in an Antique Setting at Tate Britain

The internationally renowned artist Pablo Bronstein has unveiled Historical Dances in an Antique Setting at  Tate Britain. This is a continuous live performance by three dancers. This is the most ambitious project to date from . The work has been created for the annual Tate Britain Commission, supported by Sotheby’s, which invites artists to create a new large-scale work in response […]

19 April 2016


Queer British Art: Tate Announces Defining New LGBT Exhibition

Tate Britain has announced a new show  for the Autumn titled ‘Queer British Art’ which is scheduled to mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of (male) homosexuality in Britain. This will be the first major exhibition in Britain to focus on queer British art.  It spans the period from the abolition of the death penalty […]

22 February 2016


His Biggest Splash: David Hockney Tate Retrospective Announced For 2017

Tate Britain is to mount the most extensive retrospective of the work of David Hockney, in February 2017. Mt Hockney is regarded as one of the most recognisable artists of our time. The exhibition will celebrate Hockney’s achievement in painting, drawing, print, photography and video. Following its presentation in London the exhibition, organised in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou and The Metropolitan […]

22 February 2016


David Hockney: Retrospective

The world’s most extensive retrospective of the work of David Hockney. Widely regarded as one of the most successful and recognisable artists of our time, this exhibition celebrates Hockney’s achievement in painting, drawing, print, photography and video. The exhibition shows Hockney as an intelligent and profound interrogator of the essence of art. Over six decades he […]

8 January 2016

Paul Black Reviews Abraham Cruzvillegas And Susan Philipsz’ Tate Installations

Artlyst has taken the Tate Boat, braving the Thames on a rainy January day to visit both Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall and Tate Britain’s Duveen Galleries, for a rare joint review of both museum’s primary installations. We began with Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall and Abraham Cruzvillegas’ large installation ‘Empty Lot’. The sculpture consists of two […]

19 December 2015


Tate Explores Conceptual Art in 1960s and 1970s Britain

Conceptual Art in Britain 1964 -1979 will show how artists working in Britain transformed the nature of art. This exhibition will trace the course of this pivotal movement from its origins in the mid-1960s through to the late 1970s, bringing together 70 works by 21 artists. Opening in April at Tate Britain, it will demonstrate the radical, […]

29 October 2015


David Hockney Among New Season Of Tate Britain BP Spotlight Displays

Tate Britain opened its new season of BP Spotlights, including David Hockney’s portrait of George Lawson and Wayne Sleep. A recent gift from the artist to Tate’s collection, this is the first time the work has ever been shown in the UK. It hangs alongside two other double-portraits – Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy […]

20 October 2015


Everyday Objects Spaces and Gestures Explored In New Tate Britain Exhibition

Paintings and sculptures by Marie Lund, Rallou Panagiotou and Mary Ramsden, are to be exhibited in a new exhibition titled, Vanilla and Concrete. The works explore everyday objects, spaces and gestures. From the finger-smudges on a touchscreen to the sun-bleached fabric of a curtain, these artists give new form and status to apparently trivial materials and incidental moments. Based […]

7 October 2015


Frank Auerbach: Depth, Texture And Space Retrospective Opens At Tate Britain

Frank Auerbach is clearly one of the most important living artists in Britain today. Born in 1931 in Berlin, he has created some of the most resonant and inventive paintings of recent times. His portraits of people and urban landscapes painted near his London studio are synonymous with the progressive style of abstract work known as the School of London. […]

18 August 2015


Artlyst Podcast: Penelope Curtis And Curator Chris Stephens Discuss Barbara Hepworth

Tate Britain is currently presenting the first major Barbara Hepworth exhibition in London for almost fifty years. Barbara Hepworth (1903–75) is most commonly associated with St Ives, Cornwall, where the artist lived from 1939 until her death in 1975. This major retrospective emphasises Hepworth’s often overlooked prominence in the international art world, of which she […]

10 August 2015


Five Senses Explored By Tate’s IK Prize 2015 Winner

Stimulate your sense of taste, touch, smell and hearing as Tate Sensorium, a new immersive art experience, is unveiled at Tate Britain. Galleries are overwhelmingly visual. But people are not – the brain understands the world by combining what it receives from all five senses. Can taste, touch, smell and sound change the way we […]

30 July 2015


Paul Nash

The exhibition presents Paul Nash’s major works from his early Symbolist manner, through to the iconic works of the First World War, as well as his landscapes of the interwar period. It also features his involvement with Surrealism and his post-war landscape series engaging with natural cycles such as the phases of the moon. There […]

24 June 2015

Barbara Hepworth: Innovative Sculpture For A Modern World Circa 1963

The day after the Summer solstice is a good day to see the work of Barbara Hepworth. However you need to ask yourself the question, is it still relevant circa 2015?  Much of her work has a primeval feel to it with her love of natural materials from the many variety of woods to stone, marble and alabaster; the […]