30 November 2015


Ai Weiwei’s Visa Finally Approved To Attend National Gallery, Victoria

Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s Australian visa has been approved and the artist is expected to arrive in time for the opening of the National Gallery of Victoria’s summer blockbuster show Andy Warhol / Ai Weiwei​. Ai is due in Melbourne the week of the exhibition’s 11 December opening. The artist’s visit had been “confirmed […]

30 July 2015


Ai Weiwei: Six Month Visa Application Rejected By British Government

News Update: Teresa May, Britain’s Home secretary has ordered officials to issue the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei a full six-month UK visa, reversing an earlier decision not to grant him the travel document. This afternoon she told the BBC that she was personally “looking into” the case of the dissident Chinese artist, who had been refused a six-month […]

3 November 2012


Exposed: Are Hacktivists Anonymous Just Too Anon?

The way Anonymous present themselves to the world and communicate to the world is interesting. They work underground to expose and educate. They also cause havoc in the financial and online systems to prove points. They can be threatening, carry out cyber attacks on major online services and their relationship to V for Vendetta and […]