8 January 2018


25 September 2017

Society Running on Empty at White Cube by Edward Lucie-Smith

From the Vapor of Gasoline, the odd title of the new mixed exhibition at White Cube Mason’s Yard comes from a slogan Jean-Michel Basquiat scrawled across one of his paintings. The phrase, so the exhibition list tells one ‘conjures [up] a society running on empty’. That may well be so, but one has to remember that the painting concerned was produced in 1985, more than thirty years ago, at the very height of Basquiat’s success in the New York art world, then much closer to being globally dominant than it is now.

10 August 2017

Harland Miller – Voyage To The End Of Pop Art – Edward Lucie-Smith

Harland Miller’s rather handsome exhibition at White Cube, Mason’s Yard, looks more like the end of something than the beginning of something. There are several reasons why this is so.

24 May 2017

Wayne Thiebaud Proto-Pop Survey Exhibition Opens At White Cube London

The American artist Wayne Thiebaud has always had the capacity to create serial images that make us think of the likeness between art and life.

7 March 2017

Ibrahim Mahama: An Artist’s Monument To Modern Ghana – White Cube

The first solo show in London of Mahama a young maitre in African contemporary art has been mounted at White Cube Bermondsey.

5 December 2016

Ominous Walhalla: Anselm Kiefer’s Resoundingly Ambitious New Exhibition By Edward Lucie-Smith

Just occasionally, however, there’s a show in a commercial gallery that’s so resoundingly ambitious and so self-evidently important that it’s bound to cause a stir. Shows of this type offer an additional, though usually little mentioned, benefit: you get in for free, which is not true of blockbusters at the two Tates, the R.A. or the N.G. Impecunious art-lovers ought to scurry along to the huge Anselm Kiefer show that has just opened at White Cube in Bermondsey. Kiefer is, after all, on of the very biggest names in contemporary art.

29 September 2016


Sir Antony Gormley Opens Major New Exhibition At White Cube Bermondsey

A major new exhibition by the Turner Prize winning sculptor Sir Antony Gormley opens in London at White Cube Bermondsey. This is the sequel to his exhibition Model held there in 2012, The Exhibition considers the degree to which we are measured by and measure ourselves against the scale and density of our built environment. Gormley has configured the gallery […]

30 October 2015


New Gilbert & George Works To be Exhibited At White Cube

A new body of works by by Gilbert & George will be exhibited for the first time, at White Cube. ‘THE BANNERS’ comprises three unique copies of each of the ten ‘BANNERS’, making thirty in total. Each ‘BANNER’ is therefore individual, singular, itself. Yet collectively and graphically the ‘BANNERS’ share a defiant or controversial mood and a feeling of […]

29 October 2015


Francis Bacon, Alex Katz, Among Representational Artists Explored At White Cube

White Cube Bermondsey presents ‘Tightrope Walk: Painted Images after Abstraction’, a group exhibition, curated by Barry Schwabsky. The exhibition brings together almost 70 paintings by some 40 artists, showing how the act of making a representational painting has been redefined over the past century, following the emergence of abstraction. The exhibition also considers the effect […]

16 October 2015


Frieze Trends Point To The Death Of The White Cube

Super architects Caruso St John are enjoying a ton of publicity at the moment, with the dual opening of the shiny new Hirst gallery in Newport Street (gushed over by me last week) and now the new Gagosian gallery branch in Grosvenor Hill, where Russian money flows. Such fabulous architecture commissioned by Larry Gagosian demonstrates […]

17 September 2015


Losing The Compass Group Show To Open At White Cube

White Cube will present Losing the Compass, a group exhibition curated by Scott Cameron Weaver and Mathieu Paris at Mason’s Yard. This exhibition, the first of it’s kind in the UK, focuses on the rich symbolism of textiles and its political, social and aesthetic significance through both art and craft practice. Beginning with the metaphorically […]

20 July 2015

Life’s A Beach: Marc Quinn’s New Exhibition Explores Toxic Environmental Issues

A new exhibition of work by Marc Quinn is always an event in London. It’s not just that he’s on the short-list of successful artists from the YBA period who have made their mark in the glory days of Brit Art – but also the fact that for much of his career he has produced quality work. Some […]

4 June 2015


Marc Quinn Announces First London Gallery Exhibition in Five Years

Marc Quinn is to have his first London gallery exhibition in five years at White Cube. He will be unveiling his latest work which is the result of two years of investigation into ‘natural phenomena’ and ‘our distanced and complex relationship with the environment’. Titled, ‘The Toxic Sublime’ the series are distorted, three-dimensional seascapes that […]

26 May 2015


Georg Baselitz Exhibition Opens In First White Cube Glyndebourne Festival Collaboration

‘The treble clef, the lines of the staves, the notes, and things start dancing, round and round, up and down, spaced out, back and forth, shifting towards the edges…’ Georg Baselitz, 2015 White Cube have produced a collaboration with Glyndebourne Festival, starting with an exhibition of new works by the controversial German artist Georg Baselitz. The exhibition is the inaugural presentation […]

17 April 2015

Carol Bove, Joao Penalva, And Christian Rosa – Exhibition Round-up

Carol Bove: The Pastic Unit – David Zwirner David Zwirner presents Carol Bove, a New York-based artist known for assemblages disparate materials and found and made objects, in the gallery’s first exhibition ‘The Plastic Unit’. The show is a collection of large-scale sculptures made from a combination of natural and industrial materials, including slickly manufactured […]

11 March 2015


Is Damien Hirst Recruiting Photo-realist Painters To Boost His Flagging Paintings?

Damien Hirst’s company Science UK LTD, has placed an advert for photo-realist painters. The ad, posted on the Jobs section of the Guardian, lists the following requirements for any applicant: “Experience of working with oil paint necessary, good colour matching skills, and attention to detail are essential for this position. Candidates must have a BA […]

7 March 2015

Christian Marclay: White Cube, Bermondsey – With A ‘SLOOSH’ And A ‘POP’

White Cube presents a major solo exhibition by Christian Marclay, a large new oeuvre of work encompassing the grand halls of White Cube Bermondsey. The artist continues his exploration in the relationship between image and sound, the exhibition is comprised of a series of works on canvas and paper that feature onomatopoeia taken from comic […]

15 January 2015


Christian Marclay Major Solo Exhibition At White Cube In January

A  major solo exhibition by Christian Marclay, including a range of new work and a lively programme of weekly performances will be presented at White Cube in January. Continuing Marclay’s long-standing interest in the relationship between image and sound, the exhibition is comprised of a series of works on canvas and paper that feature onomatopoeia […]

7 October 2014

Tracey Emin: New Exhibition Continues Her Quest For Self Examination

In her first solo exhibition in a London gallery, for five years, Tracey Emin continues her fascination with self-examination and self-reflection. The work consists of drawings, bronze sculptures, large scale embroideries,  gouache paintings and neon works, mainly depicting the female nude form, in various compositions floating in front of an empty background. The work creates […]

16 August 2014


Tracey Emin Announces Her First London Commercial Gallery Exhibition In Five Years

Tracey Emin returns to London this October with her first major gallery exhibition at White Cube, in five years. The Last Great Adventure is You’, is an exhibition of new work featuring bronze sculptures, gouaches, paintings, large-scale embroideries and neon works, the exhibition chronicles the contemplative nature of work by an artist who has consistently […]