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 Banksy, Jamie Oliver
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Banksy Meets Jamie Oliver

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British guerilla artist Banksy has created a new work on a wall in Westwood California in preparation for his Oscar nominated documentary, "Exit Through the Gift Shop". The ballots are due Tuesday and it is looking good for the artist, who is busy lobbying for votes by keeping a high profile. The work has been dubbed "The Crayola Shooter," it sits in an alleyway off Kinross behind Urban Outfitters between Glendon and Westwood Blvd. The mural is close to where Jamie "Loadsa herbs" Oliver has opened, "Jamie's Kitchen",a restaurant hoping to repeat the success of the popular TV chef's London offering. Oliver recently attempted to go into the local Los Angeles Unified School District to reorganize the way American school kids eat. Unfortunately the local government declined the offer. (Photo: Lord Jim © 2011)

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