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Banksy Removed From Bristol Wall To Raise Funds For Boys Club

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A new mural by the street artist Banksy has been removed only hours after it was revealed in Bristol. The work, which depicts a couple in a loving embrace, while glancing passionately into their iPhones was displayed prominently on Banky's website www.banksy.co.uk yesterday after it appeared on Clement Street in Bristol.

The graffiti which had been painted on a sheet of plywood was easily removed by the managers of the local Broad Plains youth club. They now want to sell the piece to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for the underfunded club.

Gordon Powell, a youth worker from the club told the BBC: "We're open all the time, day and night, so people can come and see it for a small donation. "The club is 120 years old and we need £120,000 to keep the club open. "There's a massive wall he [Banksy] could have done it on but he didn't, so we think he did it to help us raise the money."

A CCTV camera caught the action, as Banksy and an accomplice, dressed as workmen, put up a screen. They then painted the sprayed stencil on the doorway, which was located in the middle of a large stonewall.

Banksy is Britain's best known graffiti artist with a worldwide following. He is recently credited with creating a work in Cheltenham near the headquarters of the GCHQ. It shows three spies bugging a vandalised phone box. Although the work hasn't been shown on the Banksy website it possesses all of the telltale signs of the master's hand.

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